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The Undertaker married WWE diva Michelle McCool on June 26, 2010 in Houston, TX


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The WWE superstars and Divas do not give out their phones to complete strangers

i remember he kissing Stephanie McMahon back in 1999... The Undertaker kisses Michelle McCool on a regular basis.

there are 19 divas in the wwe

The Superstars/Divas of the WWE do not discuss their salaries with fans ---------- His salary was 1.8 million in 2007 with other perks / benefits.

Because it is hard to be in a relationship with someone else when you are on the road constantly.

No. he did not date any WWE Divas. Orton is currently married to his wife Samantha Speno. The couple got engaged in 2005 and got married in September 2007. Orton became a father in July 2008 to his daughter Alanna Marie Orton.

from the starting of wwe the undertaker has been heavyweight champion.

They can date whoever they want. Just don't expect them to date YOU. It's unlikely

No there is no 365 divas in the WWE. There isn't even 365 in the whole WWE.

lots of men and divas such as Kane rey mysterio hbk hhh batista undertaker maria trish stratus

No, their are no WWE Divas that are lesbians. Their have been on screen kisses between divas, but nothing more.

The first ever Diva's Champion was Michelle McCool.

You can find information about WWE Divas on the official WWE website. They are found under the Superstars tab on the homepage. There is also a group on Facebook that is dedicated to the WWE Divas.

WWE Divas are in the music video for the song "Throw It On Me" by Timbaland.

The WWE Superstars And Divas

A few WWE Divas wear thongs yes, it is visible in the clothing that they wear on WWE Programming.

After 4 years with no WWE Divas Search it is going to be WWE Divas Search at 2011 sometime

There is no reliable information available that confirms that any of the WWE Divas snore.

wwe divas is fake because they dont even hit each other

None of the divas are gay.

An Undertaking is something that is happening, an Undertaker is a funeral director, and The Undertaker is the greatest wrestler the WWE has ever seen

Ask the wwe superstars or divas

yes in 2010 if wwe does a live show but not for televsion sorry, with other wwe superstars and divas.

Yes, WWE is planning to bring it back sometime this year (2011)Gurl Like A tiger

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