Did us steal Texas from Mexico?

The U.S did not steal Texas from Mexico because when Texas gained their independence they became a nation, The Republic of Texas. Texas knew that Mexico was trying to get Texas back so they decided to join the United States. The United States then Annexed Texas to become one of the U.S States. However the documents Santa Anna signed to give Independence to Texas were null and void. The reason being was that because Santa Anna was a prisoner of war he no longer was in charge of Mexico so any promises made were not valid. Santa Anna knew this and so he signed the treaty to be released. The only problem was then that the United States Annexed The Republic of Texas. However other issues came up regarding the border of Texas which Mexico did not agree to. This began the Mexican-American. And the U.S used the war to take Mexico's territory Which consists of California, Oregon,Washington, Montana, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado. So with that being said U.S never stole Texas but the Republic of Texas never truthfully gained their independence. It was more like the Settlers took Texas from Mexico to hand it over to the U.S.