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No, 2K Boston did.

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โˆ™ 2009-11-23 12:14:05
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Q: Did valve make BioShock
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What creates a BioShock in an organism?

Bioshock is a video game. The game is unique in that people have a character. They make changes to their body which affects their opponents. Bioshock in science can affect organisms by the radiation.

Is there going to be a movie based on BioShock?

It is rumored that a BioShock movie will be released around the same time BioShock 3 is released.from what i here they are going to make the movie in 2010.(from what i here)

BioShock is there a bioshock 3?

Bioshock Infinite is the 3rd in the Bioshock series. The release date has not been announced yet.

When did Bioshock?

BioShock happened in 360.

What is a better half life 2 or BioShock?

Unquestionably Half Life 2 has a bigger fan basis than bioshock. That of course doesn't make the game better. Bioshock was made later and with much better graphics. I of course prefer Bioshock over Half Life 2 because Bioshock has a story and feel like nothing else.

Are they going to make a BioShock movie?

Most likely not. but knowing Hollywood most likely. It would fail though Bioshock is perfect as a game but not a movie.

Are they going to make BioShock 3?

Yes. They are planning on releasing it in 2011 alongside the Bioshock film. The creators also stated that there could even be a Bioshock 5 with a game coming out every 2 years. Hope this helped :)

How do you make a BioShock 2 big daddy doll?

Work harder

When did BioShock happen?

BioShock happened in 360.

Will BioShock 3 come out?

It is unlikely that a bioshock game titles bioshock 3 will come out. However, bioshock infinite comes out next year

When does BioShock 3 come out?

Bioshock 3, or Bioshock Infinity is supposed to be coming out sometime in 2012.

What should you get first BioShock or Condemnedcriminal origins?


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