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It impacted outcome of the "Great War" because it killed many innocent people who were just following their countries orders and they were just defending their own nation from being invaded by their enemies.

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Q: Did weapons influence the outcome of World War 1?
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How did Japanese internment camps influence the outcome of World War 2?

They didn't influence the outcome of WW2. The outcome was influenced by productivity and firepower.

How did the US influence the outcome of the war?

Which war?

What will be the outcome of a World War 3?

All we can say is "I do not know with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones." -Albert Einstein

What developed the outcome of the holocaust?

The war was probably the greatest influence.

How did the Holocaust affect the outcome of the war?

The Holocaust had no effect on the outcome of World War 2.

How did nuclear weapons affect world war 2?

Two nuclear weapons ended World War 2.

What was the outcome of World War I?

the answer is that Canada won

How did spies influence the outcome of the American Civil War?

Spies especially women spies helpes influence the out come of the civil war in depth they carried very important information to and from the soldiers without women spies the whole outcome of the war could have changed

Why where weapons used in World War 2?

It was a war.

How did nuclear weapons influence World War 2?

The use of these weapon brought about peace in the East against Japan and was the conclusion of hostilities in WW2 .

In world war 2 what countries did not use weapons?

All countries fighting in World War 2 used weapons.

How did France influence the outcome of the war?

"The war"? What war? France has been in a lot of wars. Be specific so I or someone else can help you.

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