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Did weapons influence the outcome of World War 1?

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It impacted outcome of the "Great War" because it killed many innocent people who were just following their countries orders and they were just defending their own nation from being invaded by their enemies.

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How did Japanese internment camps influence the outcome of World War 2?

They didn't influence the outcome of WW2. The outcome was influenced by productivity and firepower.

How did the US influence the outcome of the war?

Which war?

What will be the outcome of a World War 3?

All we can say is "I do not know with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones." -Albert Einstein

How did the US influence the outcome of world war 1?

Four million fresh troops and the capability to manufacture tons of war materials.

What developed the outcome of the holocaust?

The war was probably the greatest influence.

How did the Holocaust affect the outcome of the war?

The Holocaust had no effect on the outcome of World War 2.

How did spies influence the outcome of the American Civil War?

Spies especially women spies helpes influence the out come of the civil war in depth they carried very important information to and from the soldiers without women spies the whole outcome of the war could have changed

How did nuclear weapons affect world war 2?

Two nuclear weapons ended World War 2.

How did nuclear weapons influence World War 2?

The use of these weapon brought about peace in the East against Japan and was the conclusion of hostilities in WW2 .

In world war 2 what countries did not use weapons?

All countries fighting in World War 2 used weapons.

What was the outcome of World War I?

the answer is that Canada won

How did France influence the outcome of the war?

"The war"? What war? France has been in a lot of wars. Be specific so I or someone else can help you.

How did the course of the Korean War influence the outcome?

The back and forth fighting settled into a stalemate. Both sides possessed atomic weapons (Soviet & US); a negotiated truce was the answer. The Armistice was signed in 1953. An Armistice is a truce.

What weapons did Italy use in world war 2?

They had their weapon from world war I because they had send all their new weapons to the Spanish for their civil war

How many weapons were used in World War 2?

In world war two over 200 weapons were used because of all the people in that war.

Why where weapons used in World War 2?

It was a war.

How did weapons increase the chance of war in World War 1?

The more weapons you had, the better chance of winning the war.

How did weapons help the US in world war 2?

You can't fight a war without weapons.

What were the two major weapons of World War II?

Aside from human, guns and bombs are the the major weapons in the world war II.

What new weapons were used in World War I?

New weapons used during World War 1The new weapons that were used during World submarines with torpedos. If your interested in these modern weapons, go to...

World War I compare to World War 2?

World War 1 Compared to world war 2 was a war with very obsolete weapons, machinery, and equipment. world war 2 composed the best weapons, aircraft, tanks, artillery, and equipment of both wars.

What was Germanys outcome in World War 1?

They lost.

What was a outcome of World War 2?

Victory for the Allies.

World war weapons?

You need to tell us which war.

How was the persecution of Jews significant to the outcome of World War 2?

I don't think the Nazi persecution of the Jews had any bearing on the '''outcome''' of World War 2. The war (unlike the Holocaust) was not about the Jews.