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Britain and the Allies won World War II

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Q: Did winston churchill win World War 2?
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Did Winston Churchill help win the war?

yess he did! x

How did Winston churchill make the world a better place for all people?

Winston Churchill helped make the world a better place because he helped to give us freedom and he helped us win the second world war.

What did Winston Churchill win his Nobel prize for?

He won the prize for literature for his many writings, including his history The Second World War.

Did Winston Churchill win the Nobel Prize?

Winston Churchill won the Nobel Prize for literature in 1953.

What did winston churchill do to win the World War 2?

His most important personal contribution was as a symbol of the UK's bulldog determination and resistance to the Nazi's.

What did Winston churchill do to help us win world war 2?

He didn't, Britain started the war, we send goods and war supplies to Britain. Then we entered the war to help push the Axis back. Churchill didn't help us, we helped him.

How did Winston Churchill expect to win World War 2?

With the news of the US's entry into WW 2, Winston Churchill was confident that the power of the Axis nations was doomed. He believed the application of overwhelming force that the US would bring to the war would defeat the Axis powers.

What important work did Winston Churchill do when he was prime minister?

Win world war 2 He was also the brains behind the amphibious landing on d-day.

What was Churchill's major goal in World War 2?

To win the war.

For what work of literature did Winston Churchill win the nobel prize?

Winston Churchill received the Noble Prize for literature in 1953

Which general elections did Winston Churchill win?

26 October 1951 - 7 April 1955 Winston Churchill was Prime Minister for the second time. He was elected into that position. The first time he was appointed by King George during World War 2.

What strategies did Churchill do to win world war 2?


Did Winston churchill lead great Britain to victory in world war 1?

Yes he did actually. Winston Churchill lifted people's morale when the war was in its darkest moments and led Britain to victory. He did it by using different techniques to WIN!! Wooo Go him!! I hope you I answered the question properly Cya ^_^ x

When did Winston Churchill win the Nobel Peace Prize?

1953 (Literature)

When did Winston Churchill become a hero?

for one, he helped win WWII

Did Winston Churchill win the Nobel Peace Prize?

1953 (Literature)

What did Winston Churchill win the Nobel Prize for?

Nobel Prize in Literature (1953).

What Nobel Prize did Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill win and when was it awarded?

Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill won The Nobel Prize in Literature in 1953.

How did Winston Churchill rise to power and become prime minister of Great Britain?

During the Second World War, Neville Chamberlain, the preceding Prime Minister, resigned. Winston Churchill, already a political figure of some importance, rose to become the Prime Minister. He led the forces and helped win the Second World War. At the conclusion of the war he lost the 1945 election and became the Opposition Minister. haha

What had Winston Churchill done to win acclaim and respect in Britain and the US before he gave his iron curtain speech in Missouri?

He served as Prime Minister for Britain during World War II

How did churchill help win the war?

he helped by helping win it

Why was Winston Churchill so important in Britain during World War 2?

Because he gave inspirational speeches to the British people and convinced them that Britain would eventually win the war when many people believed that it couldn't be done.

What are the release dates for Winston Churchill The Valiant Years - 1960 Be Sure You Win 1-15?

Winston Churchill The Valiant Years - 1960 Be Sure You Win 1-15 was released on: USA: 26 March 1961 USA: 26 March 1961

Did Winston Churchill win a Nobel Prize for winning world war 2?

No. But he won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1953. See Related Links. My previous answer was removed - why? It was relevant and gave general info about Nobel Prizes.

What were Winston Churchill's World War 2 battles?

Churchill was the Prime Minister of England, One of the Super Powers at the time. All the Battles were his. But if we narrow the definition to what he himself had to fight for we find he fought to win an election. When to open the second front and where. To find and distribute supplies and material to the troops. And On and ON