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No you did absolutely nothing wrong. He probably had a great time with you and was just out or didn't hear the phone when you called. I'm sure you'll hear from him asking about the item he left behind and if not try phoning him again.

2006-08-02 17:50:54
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dont blame it on sushine?

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Nourishment restores and widens the recreational beach. Structures behind beach are protected as long as the added sand remains. When erosion continues, beach nourishment does not leave hazards on the beach or in the surf zone. This is a big advantage when compared with "hard" beach stabilization structures like seawalls or groins. Seawalls may protect structures behind the beach, but they almost always cause the beach in front of the wall to become narrower. If erosion breaches the seawall, then debris from the wall will be left on the beach and in the surf. Since beach nourishment only puts sand on the beach, no debris is left when it erodes.