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Who did Amanda bynes marry?

Amanda Bynes is not married.

Was Amanda bynes on bring it on?

Amanda Bynes was not in Bring It On.

What is Amanda Bynes' full name?

Amanda Bynes's birth name is Amanda Laura Bynes.Amanda Bynes is her real name

Where is Amanda Bynes ticklish?

Amanda Bynes does not make that public.

Did Amanda Bynes die?

No, Amanda Bynes is still alive.No, she did not die in 2013.She is alive.Amanda Bynes was alive in 2013.Yes, Amanda Bynes is still alive as of September 11th, 2015.

How old was Amanda Bynes when The Amanda Show premiered?

Amanda Bynes was thirteen when The Amanda Show premiered.

Is Amanda Bynes a chrsitian?

Amanda Bynes describes herself as Jewish.

What are Amanda Bynes' Likes?

Amanda Bynes likes dogs

Where was the hospital that Amanda Bynes was born in?

what hospital was amanda bynes born in?

What nicknames does Amanda Bynes go by?

Amanda Bynes goes by Chicky.

When was Amanda Bynes born?

Amanda Bynes was born on April 3, 1986.

What is Amanda Bynes' sexual orientation?

Amanda bynes is bisexualno she is notYes

Does Amanda bynes do anything bad?

does Amanda bynes said a bad word

Who did Amanda Bynes play in Hairspray?

In Hairspray, Amanda Bynes is the character Penny.

Does Amanda Bynes play Penelope Taynt?

Yes,But how is she so quick?If you mean Penelope Taynt from The Amanda Show, then yes.Amanda bynesYes!Amanda Bynes herself.

Who is Tommy Bynes?

he is Amanda bynes brother

How many cats does Amanda Bynes have?

Amanda Bynes has five cats (and three dogs)

Is Amanda bynes jealous of jenna dewan?

If she is, she certainly should not be. Amanda Bynes is lovely.

What does Amanda bynes fear?

Amanda Bynes is scared of "MARRIAGE"! Says she does not want to get married!

How many kids does Amanda Bynes have?

Amanda Bynes has no kids she isnt even pregnant

Who is Amanda off of the Amanda show?

Amanda off the Amanda Show is portrayed by Amanda Bynes.See the Related Links below for more information on Amanda Bynes.

How do you Dress like Amanda bynes?

Amanda Bynes dresses like a Hobo *Wink Wink*

What is Amanda Bynes' middle name?

Amanda Bynes' middle name is "Laura"Laura

Does Amanda bynes live in America?

no Amanda Bynes does not live in America she lives in Thousand oaks,California.

How old is Amanda Bynes?

Amanda Bynes is 31 years old (born April 3, 1986).

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