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No actually, i didn't know that!!


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The rostral bone is present in the nose of pigs. It can be flexed to either side to assist in smelling.

because they have spetial gear

freeze it of with spetial (pain full) liquid

No, pigs do not have a baculum. A baculum is a bone that is located inside the penis of some mammals. It is not present in pigs nor in humans.

pigs do , I don't know about guinea pigs

i dont know if they eat pigs, but i do know that chickins should not eat guinea pigs! though as they are bad for them!

with very little water and spetial soap but only wash your ferret once every 5 months because other wise they can get distressed ( belive me! i know!)

Guinea pigs DO sleep with their eyes open if you know about guinea pigs you REALLY should know this

A splanchnic bone develops within soft tissue. Examples are the penile bone in canines (dogs), the heart bone in bovines (cattle), and the porcine snout bones (pigs).

no. you know pigs dont fly!

yes they do they have a back bone right so they are vertebrates.

Yes. Guinea pigs are mammals and therefore vertebrates.

Yes. Pigs are mammals, and all mammals are vertebrates (have backbones).

As far as I know, guinea pigs do not revolve anything.

i dont know what do u call a lot of pigs?!

I don't know sorry. if you want to know go to Google and type in the question

Most gelatin, from capsules to jello, comes from bone meal. The bone meal may come from various sources.

Makeup is not made of pigs blood but some cosmetics do contain bone and cartilage. Pigs blood is more common in the food market, many people make blood pudding and add pigs blood to soups for flavor.

I don't know, what DOESmake the bone light?

of the pigs i know i know 2 one is a pet, something pig, and the other is the pig that you eat (pork) that is all

Did u know how guinea pigs and hamsters alike

The arrival of Small guinea pigs is evidence Of prior mating

nope they don't . How do i know? I own nine guinea pigs out of which 4 are sows

guinea pigs can live up to 8 years old i should know i have had like 8 guinea pigs!

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