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Yes! And the reasons things are awkward for you is because your getting the cold shoulder.

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โˆ™ 2005-11-08 05:34:24
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Q: Did you make a mistake if you said the L word to your boyfriend of 1 month and now things are awkward for you?
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Should you feel awkward when your boyfriend used to like one of your friends a month and a half before you two started dating?

i would...u never know if he still has feelings for your bff but u better get to the bottom of it

You want to kiss your boyfriend but he says that the good time for the first kiss is the 3rd month and you are going into the 4th month what do you do?

Time to get a new boyfriend because the current boyfriend is most likely a homosexual.

My boyfriend wants another month apart?

He doesn't sound like a boyfriend to me. Think about it.

When does awkward season 3 start?

actually it is said topremierenext month the actual date is not set

Well you have been going with your boyfriend for about a month but he dont treat you right and his brother do would it be wrong if you go with him?

Why not just start by being friends and getting to know him. I think it would be kind of awkward, but maybe go out with the brother, but stay away from your ex for a while.

What to say to your boyfriend on one month anniversary?

Wow, can you believe that we have been together for a whole month?

Is it bad if your boyfriend doesn't txt you for a month?


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When should you kiss your boyfriend?

your third month dating

What to get your boyfriend for your 1 month annavesy?

You get em a watch.

How long does it take to tell your bf u love them?

Personally, I would wait until the boyfriend says "I Love You" first. If you say it first and he doesn't say it back, it could make things awkward and uncomfortable. Within a month and a half, my last boyfriend (my first love and only one I've ever fallen in love with) said "I Love You" and I responded back with an "I Love You, Too". I didn't mean it at the time, but I did five months later. It really depends on whether or not you're ready yet.

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Is it weird to want to kiss your boyfriend if you are 1 month older than him and you have only been dating for a month?

no way!

What do you do if your boyfriend hasent seen you in a month and your worried?

Plug in the vibrator and relax.

What is hug or kiss your boyfriend or girlfriend month?

the question says all

What does it mean if menstruation stops for a month?

You need to have a talk to your boyfriend/partner

If you are 15 years old and so is your boyfriend and you are a month pregnant and nobody know but them can your 15 year old boyfriend get arrested?

no its not illigeal

What should i get my boyfriend for our 2 month aniverserrey if he likes uk?

You can buy your boyfriend of 2 years a motorcycle especially if he likes the UK.

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What do you get your boyfriend for our one month I know it's only one month but I still want to get something little?

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The day you got with your boyfriend is it your first month?

I started dating my boyfriend the day after we met. We've been together a while, and were engaged now.

What do I get my 16 year old boyfriend for our 2 month anniversary?

give him yourself

What do you do with your boyfriend for your 3 month anniversary?

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