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No, Patrick is still listed on the Catholic Church's Calendar of Saints.

About 40-50 years ago a number of saints were dropped from the calendar because there was little known of them. In some cases, their very existence was questionable and they were known only from hearsay and legend. For others there was no credible evidence that they lived a life of heroic virtue. People are still allowed to have private veneration of these questionable saints and churches named for them, before their names were removed from the calendar, are still allowed to keep that name and honor that person as a patron.

In doing this, the church was not "de-sanctifying" them. They were just acknowledging that there was a lack of evidence to support continued public veneration.

Some of those removed from the calendar were St. Christopher, St. Barbara of Nicomedia, St. Philomena and St. Dorothy. Most of those removed were very ancient, dating back to the first few centuries, and little, if any, written information about the person exists.

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Q: Didn't the Catholic Church de-sanctify Saint Patrick along with Saint Christopher and others years ago?
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