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The more speaker cones, the more the sound can be separated into the different sonic ranges, the better the overall sound quality.

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What is the difference between coaxial and 2-way speakers for car?

Coaxil speakers share one coil, magnet and drive piston whereas a 2-way speaker has 2 individual coils for the speaker and tweeter which make for generally better quality.

What is the difference between one and two way speakers?

A one way speaker delivers all the frequencies of sound in one, a 2 way speaker divides the frequencies of the sound.

What is the difference between 2-way and 4-way car speakers?

4 way speaker will have 4 voice coils - bass, mid range, high range and a tweeter. 2 way will have 2 coils.

What is the difference between the 5 way Kenwood KFC-6982ie and a regular 2 way speaker system?

5 way is the amount of speakers that the system has connected to the receiver unit.

What is the difference between 2 and 4 way speakers?

It refers to the amount of "speakers" or cones inside the speaker itself. 2-way = high low frequencies 4-way = high, low and two mid range frequencies Hope this helps P.S. get the 4 way if you have the choice. It will sound "richer".

What speakers are in a 2007 f150?

The original speakers suck. I replaced them with some 6 x 8 Alpine 2-way speakers. Big difference even with stock stereo.

What is the difference between 2 way 6x9 speakers and 3 way 6x9 speakers?

The difference is the number of actual speakers in the unit and how the sound is broken up. If I'm correct a 2 way speaker does Mid/Lows from the main cone and Hi/mids from the smaller cone. A 3way speaker has a tweeter (for hi's) a cone just for mids and a sub-woofer for the lows. This allows you to get a clearer crisper sound at higher volumes with less risk of distortion.

What is the difference between 2 way speakers and 3 way speakers?

A 2-way speaker's crossover splits the frequency band into two ranges: bass frequencies go to the woofer, and treble frequencies go to the tweeter. In a 3-way system, the frequency band is divided into three ranges. The middle frequencies are sent to a third driver commonly referred to as the midrange.

Car related... What is better 2-way speakers or 4-way speakers?

4 way. More speakers, more sound. think of it as surround sound.

What are the difference between two way slab and one way slab?

ly/lx<2 is one way slab as for as two way is concerned ly/lx>2

Difference between photosystem 1 and 2?

difference between photosysten 1 and 2

What the difference between 2 and - 7?

The difference between 2 and -7 is 9

07 Impala SS where are the 8-speakers?

2 tweeters, 2 in the front doors and 2 6X9's in the back. The extra 2 speakers are just 2-way speakers in the 6x9's, instead of the rear being just the woofers, they have a mid-range included in the Bose option

What is the difference between 2 way and 4 way speakers?

Within a speaker different drivers handle different frequency ranges. A two way speaker has different drivers handling two frequency ranges; in this case a woofer for the low freqs and a tweeter for the high freqs. A 3 way speaker also has a midrange to handle the middle frequencies.

What is the difference between a 2 way and a 3 way speaker?

Two way has two cones in it and a 3 way has three. Tweeter, mid range and bass.

What is the difference between the Kindle Fire and the Ipad 2?

alot, a i pad 2 is way better than a kindle fire.

What speakers have better sound 2way or 3way?

This is a mostly a matter of personal opinion but I find the 2 way speakers to be less "harsh" with less screeching treble. Brand name can make a big difference as well, I personally prefer JVC 2way speakers as they have excellent vocal reproduction and a very reasonable price.

What are five-way speakers?

4 way speakers are one bass speaker, one midrange speaker, one tweeter, one super tweeter, but some company's are putting 2 tweeters in to make a 5 way speaker. in my opinion all you need is 4 way speakers.

How do you measure phase difference between 2 pendulums?

You can measure the phase difference between 2 pendulums by measuring the distance between the two. The amount it comes out to will be the difference.

Are 2 way speakers better then 3 way speakers?

Three way speakers are better. They will play louder and more clear than two way speakers, they do this by separating the frequency range up between three speakers instead of two so each speaker does less work and has a more precise and tuned frequency range. You will have much clearer highs, lows and mids from a three way speaker than a two way speaker and alot less distortion. When comparing speakers of different types you should compare from the same manufacturer and as close in price range because they are going to give you the most accurate comparison of the types, otherwise you will be comparing brands. ex- a 2 way Bose speaker will sound better than a 3 way sony speaker. And a top of the line 2 way speaker may sound much better than the bottom level 3 way from the same manfacturer. manufacturer will also come into play as well as price.

What is the difference between mendelevium-256 and mendelevium-258?

They are the isotopes. Because of the difference in the number of neutrons by 2 they have been named that way.

What is the difference between Division 1 and Division 2 baseball?

Division one has way better players and teams then Division 2 baseball

Difference between MPEG 2 MPEG 4?

What is difference between MPEG2 and MPEG4?

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