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Difference between Buddhism and Hinduism?

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Buddhism is a monotheistic religion, often described as more like a philosophy than a religious faith. There are no gods in Buddhism. Hinduism is a polytheistic religion in which there are multiple gods.

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The major difference between Hinduism and Buddhism are that Hinduism is a polytheistic religion while Buddhism is a non-theistic religion or philosophy of life, the universe and everything.

There is no similarity between Buddhism and Hinduism though both of them are originated from India. Main difference is Hinduism believes in existence of God while Buddhism dont.

Hinduism believes in a Supreme Creator, whereas Buddhism does not.

leaders of Hinduism worship God. While leaders of Buddhism do not worship God.

Here is a great chart showing the differences between Hinduism and Buddhism:

Hinduism believes in a Supreme Creator, while Buddhism does not. Buddhism also follows the teachings of Buddha, while Hinduism does not, thought they would probably still respect him as a wise individual.

Hindus believe in literal reincarnation, whereas Buddhists do not.

budusam have budaha hindu pepole have many god

Hinduism is based on the idea that there are many different gods, while Buddhists do not worship any gods at all.

If you follow the related link below, There is a comparison of Buddhism and Hinduism. Sorry not about Confucianism, yet.

Hinduism is oldest, followed by Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity, and then Islam.

Hinduism was based on Caste system and did not focus on every individual the same. this discrimination between two led to development of Buddhism from Hinduism.

In abroad sense Buddhism is an offshoot of Hinduism because it originated from Hindustan. The only difference one can think of that in Buddhism we seek the solace within oneself whereas in Hinduism we seek it outside in the Permatman.

Okay, you should first check the differences between Hinduism and Buddhism. Wikipedia is a good start to.

Hinduism AND Buddhism have many similarities. Such as concept of Moksha (liberation) or Nirvana (Liberation) via meditation.

Buddhism originated from Hinduism. So They have many similarities, Main is to attain Nirvana or Moksha via meditation.

Hinduism & Buddhism have numerous deities, whereas Zoroastrianism only worships One God.

some similarities between Hinduism & Buddhism are Non Violence & Peace. Judaism & Hinduism are common in belief of one Supreme God.

According to my knowledge Hinduism and Buddhism are significantly different. The main differences can be seen below. Hinduism is a bit different from buddhism. hinduism worships many gods and goddess. while in buddhism there is no worshiping to god. also buddhism forbids violence. while hinduism permits violence when dharma is in danger. hinduism was never found by man while buddhism was found by lord buddha or siddhartha.

Hinduism borrowed Non Violence & Peace from Buddhism. Even though Buddhism was derived from Hinduism.

no, Hinduism is not derived from Buddhism. Actually Buddhism is inspired by Hinduism.

Buddhism and Hinduism both put weight on Non violence and Compassion (dayā) . both the Hinduism and Buddhism teach the ultimate goal of life to attain Moksha (liberation) or nirvana.

Buddhism does not have faith in any god other than lord buddha. While Hinduism has many God & Goddess.