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A Doctor of Dental Surgery deals with oral surgeries, whereas, a Doctor of Medical Dentistry deals with preventive dental treatments. In the U.S. however the curriculum is basically the same and both doctors are trained similarly.

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Q: Difference between a Doctor of Dental Surgery and Doctor of Medical Dentistry?
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What is the difference between doctor of dental surgery and doctor of dentistry?

there is no differece... both are the same

Difference between general dentistry and specialty dentistry?

General dentistry is in dentistry as a Medical Doctor is in medicine. Every dental specialist goes to school for eight years BUT will go 2-6 years to more in orderr to specialize in a certain field. They will also be referred to for patients that have needs out of the scope of what a general dentist can (or will) provide.

What is the difference between a Doctor Who is an MD and a Doctor Who is an MD FACS?

Both are medical doctors, but the MD FACS is board-certified in surgery.

What is the difference between a surgical ward and a medical ward?

In Surgical ward, the patients who needs to be operated, are admitted. In Medical ward, the patients whose surgery is already done and need medical supervision, are admitted.

What is the difference between gastric band and lap band surgery?

The difference between gastric band surgery and lap band surgery is the type of procedure which is undertaken and the complications which may arise from the surgery.

What difference between medical model and holistic model of care?

difference between holistic and medical models

What is the difference between a hospital and a surgery center?

There are several differences between a hospital and a surgery center. The main difference is that a hospital is a general care facility with maybe a few specialists while a surgery center specializes in surgery.

What is the difference between a DDS and a MDS?

DDS is Doctor of Dentistry; MD (no 's' on the end) is Doctor of Medicine.

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if u choose to study B Medicine B Surgery, yes u can become a doctor...if u choose to study B Medical Science ur basically a medical researcher.. :D

Is there a difference between a medical assistant and a medical technician?


Explain the difference between doctor of dental surgery?

The difference between a DDS and...what? A fugging cheese sandwich?

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There is only a difference between the two because of the name. Medical marijuana is marijuana that has been sold to a Medical Marijuana Club.

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