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Q: Difference between a kick returner and a punt returner?
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Who is the fastest kick returner in the NFL?

Devon Hester of the Chicago Bears is the fastest kick/punt returner in the NFL.

What was Devin Hester's position in college other than kick returner and punt returner?

Corner back

What did Devin Hester major in college?

CB or cornerback and kick/punt returner

Can you fair catch a kick off?

Yes. Any kick, punt or kickoff, can be fair caught. One major difference between fair catching a punt and fair catching a kickoff is that the kickoff is a free kick. Where a punt returner deep in his own territory may call for a fair catch and let the ball bounce on the ground in the hope that the ball will bounce into the end zone for a touchback, the kick returner must catch the ball due to the fact that a kickoff is a free kick and the team that recovers a free kick is awarded possession of the ball.

What is the difference between a drop kick and a punt?

A drop kick needs to hit the ground before it's kicked , where as a punt does not

How do you play punt returner?

You need to kick the ball up the field to gain the yards and tighten the other teams defence.

Did Devin Hester play college football?

Yes, he went to the University of Miami (Florida). He played cornerback and punt returner/kick returner. He averaged 17.7 yards per touch.

Can a punt returner advance a punt that has bounced after he has signaled for a fair catch?


What is the difference between an onsides kick and a punt?

an onside kick you try to kick it about ten yards and recover it, a punt you try to get it as far down field as you can. Also onside kicks have a tee, and punts you toss in the air and kick it

Who is the best kick returner ever in the nfl?

Brian Mitchell. 14,014 kick return yards, 4 TD's. 4,999 punt return yards, 9 TD's

Who was the punt and kickoff returner for the 1965 redskins?

Rickie Harris was the punt returner and Billy Hunter and George Hughley were the main kickoff returners.

What is a pr position in football?

Punt Returner

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