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Difference between batch and continuous process?


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You didn't give a context, but in an application like credit card processing a batch process collects a number of transactions into a batch and then sends them all at once at a predetermined time or as part of a manual process. A continuous process would process the cards as they were presented. In reality there is a mix in CC processing where a quick check is made on validity of card when presented and complete processing in a batch.

In some transmission applications data is first collected and then "burst" out at a later time or after all the data is collected. This is analogous to a batch transmission.

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batch fermentation is a process in which nutrients are added discontinuously and continuous fermentation is a process in which continuously nutrients are added

If you think of baking cookies it is rather simple. When you make a batch of cookies, you usually make and bake many cookies at a time, which like it sounds is a batch process. A continuous process would be making and baking one cookie at a time.

can be either continuous or batch. The oldest processes were batch.

A batch process is a process which is not continuous but carried out with a discrete amount of material.

batch culture is a type of culture in which nutrients are not renewed while in continuous culture nutrients are renewed from time to time

Executing a series of noninteractive jobs all at one time. The term originated in the days when users entered programs on punch cards. They would give a batch of these programmed cards to the system operator, who would feed them into the computer.

sponge iron production is continuous process sponge iron production is continuous process

It replaced the slower batch digesting process

Yes it is as there is no break in the output as you would have with a batch process.

batch production is used when a group of identical products pass through one production process together , before moving on to next ... Flow production is continuous , conveyor belt method of production where functions are performed one by one on each unit .

explain the difference between batch processing and real-time processing

The main difference between batch sharing and time sharing is that in batch sharing system tasks are processed in order in which they arrive. Whereas, in the later the system switches between tasks.

Continuous production is a flow production method used to manufacture, produce, or process materials without interruption. Continuous production is called a continuous process or a continuous flow process because the materials, either dry bulk or fluids that are being processed are continuously in motion, undergoing chemical reactions or subject to mechanical or heat treatment. Continuous processing is contrasted with batch production.

There is no fed batch continuous reactor as far as i know. But there are batch, fed-batch and continuous type reactors. Basically a batch reactor is one in which you fill up all the things and lock it down for fermentation while in a fed batch you keep putting the feed in and allow cells to grow as much as possible or until you reach the capacity of the reactor where as in a continuous reactor you keep feeding in and taking out the product continuously that is why continuous type reactors run for long time like weeks or months.

one off is the production of an item once, batch productions is a form of production that is applied to a large number of items all at once whilst mass production is the same but made one at a time from mass produced parts. Haven't heard of continuous production!

rem is a comment that is only seen if you edit the batch echo actually is printed when the batch is running

for example in the defating of plant seeds. for example in defatting of plant seeds.

The main difference in serial and batch processing is that serial processing is done in a specific sequential order while batch processing is not done in any specific order. Batch processing is done a computer with out any manual intervention.

Basically the two terms refer to the same thing. Both are registration batches. The only difference is the market the are registered in.

In the computer language a batch process is the method adapted by computers to execute a task instantly, without further influence from the user. This can include the printing of a document. On other hand, thread process are processes which contain several steps within the batch.

In batch processing the tasks are performed in batches. In time sharing, the operating system shares the time between each task.

Differentiate between Simple Batch Operating Systems and Time-sharing Operating Systems

Type your answer here... the differences are 1.the atomic weight of potassium is higher,the sodium is less 2. when you need to do separation of solid particles and soaps and glycerol into the centrifuge is easier the separation of potassium 3. for the batch process is better the potassium in continuous process is best sodium 4 in batchs process the separation of glicerol bring more catalyst when it is heavier.

The difference between Batch System, Real Time System and Multitasking System is that they are cool and you are a gimp.

The Batch Flow Process is where lots of generally own designed products are manufactured.

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