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Difference between event driven and procedural programming?

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object oriented programming focuses on performing actions and manipulation of data that is encapsulated in objects within a sequential series of steps while event driven is more dynamic and relies on event triggering and event handling to determine the sequencing of the program.

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What is the difference between event driven programming and visual programming?

event driven programming is occur when the creat any event means when the user touch the mouse and visual programming does not any oop

How event driven programming differs from procedural programming?

Event driven programming relies upon outside input, such as a mouse or a keyboard, to continue. It will wait for a signal from one of these to decide what to do next. Procedural programming runs through a set of procedures or instructions that are static - it only varies depending on content being worked on. Examples: Event Driven: Video Game Procedural: Video converter (once it starts, it relies only upon internal components)

What is the difference between event driven languages and procedural languages?

hi, the answer for the above mention question goes like this............ The event driven programming in oops language is very conceptual programig concept, in the event driven program, the user can interact with the user interface by making use of mouse or any other means of controls ' But in procedural programming , you cannot interact with the user interface through any of the control, u can only and solely interact with the user interface through codes............ so its is rather difficult for the user to interact the user interface through codes

Difference between procedural and event driven programming?

In procedural coding you write instructions and expect them operate in the order specified (or decided by logic, etc.). Event driven programming is code that waits for certain events to happen and then reacts accordingly. For example, you might calculate a complicated math problem using procedural style because that scenario works well for that paradigm (the algorithm for the math problem can be programmed sequentially). Events are good for managing a lot of things at once or stuff you might not expect to happen (or expect to happen, just not sure when), i.e. a GUI like your web browser.

Difference between event driven programming and traditional programming?

In traditional programming, code was run from start to finish and sometimes asked for input along the way. Event driven programming, on the other hand, does nothing until it gets an event, such as a mouse moving or a key being pressed.

What is the difference between a model-driven and data-driven DSS?

What is the difference between a model-driven and data-driven DSS?

Vbnet is which type of language Service Oriented Architecture Programming Language Object Oriented Programming Language Procedural Oriental Programming Language?

Visual Basic .NET (VB .NET) is an OOP, an Object-Oriented Programming Language. It's paradigm is both OOP and Event-Driven, but that's beside the point.

Disadvantages of event driven programming?

يستر اختكون شو مساوئ Event Driven Programming

what is the difference between model driven and data driven DSS?

Model data driven user interacts primarily with a mathematical model and its results while data driven DSS is user interacts primarily with the data

Why is VB considered an event driven programming language?

because it is driven by events. as it is a language used in programming, then it only makes sense to say VB is an event driven programming language.

What do you understand by event driven programming?

fbxcvnb jvgkhjkb is a event driven program

Why visual Basic is called an event driven programming?

visual basic is called event driven programming language because it works on events

Difference between turbocharger and supercharger?

A turbocharger is driven by the exhaust from the engine. A supercharger is belt driven off the engine.

What is the main difference between turbocharger and supercharger?

A "Turbocharger" is driven by exhaust gas. A "Supercharger" is driven mechanically by the engine.

Example of event driven programming?


Explain event driven programming in VB?

Event Driven Programming is more or less a buzz word because pretty much all programming is "Event Driven" A program typically sits there and does nothing until a user clicks on something (an event) and tells it what to do.

What is the difference between object oriented programming procedure oriented programming and event driven programming?

Procedural Programming simply put is dividing your problem into smaller parts (utilizing the Divide and Conqure Law) and then representing each smaller part by a definitive and exact sub-routine/function/procedure.Hence you look at the code as a big pile of different procedures that are coupled with each other, one calling the other, or one calling many while some not calling anything but rather doing specific computations and returning the results.Event Driven?! I do not believe there is such a method that stands alone, Event driven is a charactaristic rather than a development approach.Object Oriented Programming (OOP) looks at your problem ad breaks it down to different objects, each object has consists of a number of elements, called Members and Methods. (i.e variables and functions respectively)so your problem is then defined as the different objects working together and inside each other sometimes in a closely coupled manner.the conclusion is, OOP deals with objects and operations on those objects, where as procedural development breaks down computation to little pieces.

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People use menus and computers use commands.

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Data driven research- data obtained from experiments lead to development of theory Theory Driven research-Theory lead to design of experimental tests

What is trigger functions in event driven programming?

Boring and unneccesary

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