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In a homogeneous mixture the components are spread evenly throughout one another and any two random sample of the mixture will be identical.

In a heterogeneous mixture the components remain separated into "phases" and the composition of the mixture varies throughout.

For example, in muddy water the soil particles remain distinct from the water.

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The difference between heterogeneous and homogenous mixture is that in homogenous the compound totally dissolves and we cannot determine the compounds as water and sodium chloride ( salt ).and heterogeneous mixture totally describes the compounds present in it. For example : biryani .

In a homogenous mixture, the different components are not readily discernible. In a heterogeneous mixture, they can be seen and sometime separate of their own accord. For example, oil and water is heterogeneous, while salt and water are homogenous.

Homogenous - (chem.) "Said of a system consisting of only one phase"; Heterogeneous - (chem.) "Said of a system consisting of more than one phase"

A compound is homogenous, a mixture of compounds is heterogeneous.

milk is a heterogeneous mixture

It is a heterogeneous mixture.

I consider cement as a heterogeneous mixture.

no it is a heterogeneous mixture

After my opinion this is a heterogeneous mixture.

Fruit salad is a heterogeneous mixture.

No, it is heterogeneous.

No it is a heterogeneous mixture, I believe

Mixtures can be homogeneous but also heterogeneous.

solution, which is a homogeneous mixture

Gold is metal that is a homogenous mixture. It is not a heterogeneous mixture, because a heterogeneous mixture can be physically separated.

Soil is a heterogeneous mixture.

no it's a heterogeneous mixture

Fruitcake is a heterogeneous mixture.

Homogenous is same state, ie a mixture of two solids Hetrogeneous is different state I a mixture of a solid and a liquid

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