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Internal storage is storage inside a computer, like a hard drive. External storage is storage outside a computer, like a Flash drive.


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An internal modem is housed within the main computer. An external modem is on the outside of the computer and connected to the computer with a cable.

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An internal hard drive is mounted inside a computer. An external hard drive is mounted in a box separate from the computer and connected to the computer by a wire. The actual hard disc can be identical it is just the location that is the difference.

A hard drive on a computer is the part that stores all of your saved data. The difference between internal and external hard drives is that an internal hard drive is inside the casing of your computer and an external hard drive is on the outside.

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An internal hard drive is contained in the computer. On the other hand, an external hard drive is something like a USB that is a hard drive outside a computer.

There is a wide difference between the internal system unit and the external system unit. The internal system unit is usually mounted on the motherboard inside the computer while the external system unit is independent of the computer like an external drive.

Devices such as the motherboard, graphic and sound cards, internal hard-drives, are examples of internal parts found inside the computer case. The external parts are outside the case: monitor, keyboard, mouse, external hard-drives, usb devices, and so on.

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Internal cache is stored in a reserved area of the RAM of your computer. External cache is also called secondary cache or level 2 cache memory. It is external to the microprocessor and is stored on a separate chip.

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internal interrupt is synchronous with the program while external interrupts are asynchronous.

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