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With Pay Per Click (PPC) the advertiser pays when a user clicks on the ad.

With Pay Per Impression the advertiser pays each time the ad is displayed to a user. Rates are typically per 1000 impressions (CPM). Pay Per Click is generally a much more cost effective method for advertisers as it ensures advertisers only pay for traffic received from their efforts, rather than simply paying for impressions.

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What does pay per click mean as opposed to pay per impression?

Pay per click specifically generates revenue to the seller when a specific link is clicked on a website. Pay per impression occurs when a site is simply viewed, whether any links are clicked or not.

How do the owners of blog advertising websites make money?

It could be a pay per click (on the ad), or a pay per impression. Pay-per-click is probably the majority of payment agreements, unless it's a large site then it may be more beneficial for a pay-per-impression rate.

Whats the difference between regular advertisements and pay per click advertisements?

The difference between regular advertisements and Pay-per-Click advertisements is that the former is used to gain popularity, and the latter is used to gain money. Usually, regular advertisements are used in print as well as online. Pay-per-Click advertisements are used only online when people click on the advertisement and are brought to the website. Then, the advertisers pay the publisher.

What is buying internet traffic?

Paying for advertisingPay Per ClickPay Per ImpressionPay Per ActionSolo Adds

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can u pls give me the difference between basic and net pay

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AdSense is for web publishers to place ads on their websites where they get paid per visitor click through on a Google advertisement. AdWords is for advertisers who pay Google to have their ads on sites and search and pay per click on their advertisement. Its like a chain of advertising process where an advertiser use ADWORDS and agrees to pay google. Google in return place the advertisement on a website who have signed up for ADSENSE. In return, advertiser pays google per click/impression of their ads which is tracked by google and google share that money with the website owner who placed the ads on their website.

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What is the acronym for Pay Per Click?

The acronym for Pay Per Click is PPC.

Do you really have to pay the difference between the amount owed and the auctioned amount?