Difference between real time sharing and time sharing?

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In real time system, a job has to be completed within fixed deadline(time allowed).
If job is not completed within the given time then system may extend time for doing the operations.

In time sharing system, fixed time is given to each process and all the processes are arranged in a queue. If the job is not completed within the given time then it jumps to the next job leaving the previous job unfinished. After processing to each job, it again give the same time for unfinished job.
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What is the difference between time sharing and multiprogramming?

Both terms are used to describe a computer process known as multi-tasking, where a single CPU core switches between tasks periodically to reduce inefficiency and wasted time, and to allow the user to perform multiple tasks at the same time. The difference between the two are technical distinctions, ( Full Answer )

What is difference between distributed and time sharing computer?

Time sharing means that many users share a single computer. Thiswas in the days of big mainframes and dumb terminals. It is anexample of multitasking (many processes running on one processor).Time slice is one way that processors can multitask. This was theorigin of client/server programming, many c ( Full Answer )

What are the differences of the time sharing and multiprogramming?

Answer . \nTime-sharing is an approach to interactive computing in which a single computer is used to provide apparently simultaneous interactive general-purpose computing to multiple users by sharing processor time. So basically, time sharing is for multi-user computer systems.\n. \nMultiprogr ( Full Answer )

Is investing in time shares risky?

The only people to make money on a timeshare will be the builder and the sales staff. Sales people will tell you that you can make a lot of money, but you need to be suspicious of THEIR motivation. The simple reality is, timeshares are a waste of your money. Go for the free gift but don't buy anythi ( Full Answer )

What is time sharing?

This refers to the way of using a computer system to share the resources of the computer among several users at the same time. This refers to the way of using a computer system to share the resources of the computer among several users at the same time

Difference between shares and debentures?

Shares forms ownership of the company , where as Debentures are the debt for any company. Shares investments returns in form of share in profit (dividend on shares) whereas Debentures returns with high return of interest.

What are the differences between share and debenture?

SHARES- 1.share holder is the real owner of the company.share holder have not fixed dividend rate.share holder have not maturity period.share are not redeemed.shares are more volatile.share holder have high risk.share holder have high return.share holder have right on residial income. DEBENTURE-1. ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between shares and stocks?

For example," stock " is a general term used to describe the ownershipcertificates of any company, in general, and " shares " refersto a the ownership certificates of a particular company. So, ifinvestors say they own stocks , they are generally referringto their overall ownership in one or more co ( Full Answer )

What is the different between IPO and share?

The first thing you need to understand is what each item is. So we'll first define IPO. IPO is an initial public offering which is the FIRST time that a stock is offered for sale by a private company to the public. Typically, these stocks are issued by a small or new company who are looking for ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between multiprogramming and time sharing OS?

Multiprograming system is that system in which multiple programs run at same time or simontaniously for example windows xp.in this system does not provide user interaction with the coputer system. But time sharing systemis that provide user interaction with system and user thinks that system is with ( Full Answer )

What is time sharing operating system?

Time-sharing is sharing a computing resourceamong many users by means of multiprogramming and multi-tasking.Its introduction in the 1960s, and emergence as the prominent modelof computing in the 1970s, represents a major technological shiftin the history of computing. By allowing a large number of ( Full Answer )

Difference between batch sharing and time sharing?

The main difference between batch sharing and time sharing is that in batch sharing system tasks are processed in order in which they arrive. Whereas, in the later the system switches between tasks.

What is the difference between stock and share?

share includes stock.although there is a difference between them. 1. only fully paid up shares can be converted in to stocks. 2. no compant can issue stock in first instance while shares are issued to the public initially. 3. shares are the consolidatesd value of share capital. For e.g stockholder ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between debentures and shares?

debentures are a form of unsecured debt that is in the form of a bond. This type of debt is normally used by corporations for funding. A share is just a percentage of a company that you own through purchasing a share of stock of a company.

What is abandoned time share?

In the context of real estate, this phrase may be used to describe a unit with an owner who has quit paying fees, no longer uses the unit, or has otherwise ceased to participate in the time-share ownership. In order to apply this label, the time share agreements may indicate some time period requ ( Full Answer )

What is time sharing processing?

A method of operation in which multiple users with different programs interact nearly simultaneously. example: printers

Disadvantage of time sharing?

There are advantages and disadvantages when purchasing a time sharefor your vacation destination. The main disadvantages aredepreciation, and the inability to use your timeshare due toscheduling conflicts.

What is the difference between real time processing and time sharing processing?

In real time system, a job has to be completed within fixed deadline(time allowed). If job is not completed within the given time then system may extend time for doing the operations. In time sharing system, fixed time is given to each process and all the processes are arranged in a queue. If t ( Full Answer )

What are the differences of the time sharing and multiprocessing?

In "time sharing" a number of software "tasks" share the processing power of a single hardware processor, i.e. they execute in a pseudo parallell fashion.. In "multi processing" each software "task" has a dedicated hardware processor, i.e. the "tasks" execute in a true parallel fashion.

What is the time-shared bus function?

Usually when we talk about bus system, it is a passive communication medium which connects to components. In the case when a common bus is shared among many components e.g. processors, memory, I/O and bus is used for only one transaction at a time, the bus arbitrator is used for allocation and de ( Full Answer )

Buying a time share what are the terms?

Individual timeshare companies write their own contracts, which are based on each individual state guideline. As an owner, you can do less with regards to the terms. It is already setup by companies before you sign the contract. What you can do is make sure that you understand it and check if it a ( Full Answer )

How do you start a time share business?

Before you begin to market your timeshare, you must arm yourself of this thought: sale is seen ahead even before the earliest sign of a prospective buyer. You must be able to make sure that you have all the knowledge and understanding precisely what you are selling before you begin to market the Tim ( Full Answer )

How do you get rid of your time share?

Selling a timeshare requires understanding how the timeshare was actually sold to the consumer in the first place, an article explaining the tips for timeshare resale on ezine article reads When trying to sell a timeshare in the resale market there's a few key points to consider. First of all th ( Full Answer )

What is difference between distributed computing time sharing computer?

Distributed computing uses multiple computers to do a single task or solve a problem (such as Folding@Home, which uses thousands of computers to simulate protein folding for disease research). Time shared computing means that one processor is doing several things at once. Time shared computing is ( Full Answer )

What is difference between shares and stock?

Share: A unit of ownership interest in a corporation or financial asset. While owning shares in a business does not mean that the shareholder has direct control over the business's day-to-day operations, being a shareholder does entitle the possessor to an equal distribution in any profits, if any ( Full Answer )

Difference between share and share capital?

Shares are units into which the capital of a company is divided. Share Capital is the total amount of money contributed by the shareholders of the company, over which they will have claim at the time of liquidation of the company.

What is a time share condominium?

A time share condominium is a scheme under which individual owners can purchase the use of a condominium by the week, usually in a resort or other vacation destination. Buyers do not own any fee interest in the until. They own the right to use it for a certain time period. For example, a friend owns ( Full Answer )

What time do the shares end?

Depending on what you mean, since that question in quite vague, I'll do my best to answer. Trading of all shares ends when the stock market closes (in America the NYSE: New York Stock Exchange) at 4:00 PM Eastern Time. Depending on your location in the world 4:00 PM in New York, might be 3:00 AM for ( Full Answer )

What is the example of time sharing system?

One example of a time-sharing system is the bank's bankcard system, which allows hundreds of people to access the same program on the mainframe at the same time. The Multics & Unix operating systems are time sharing Operating Systems

What is the different between preference shares and paid-up shares?

Preference shares have a dual nature. They receive a fixed interest payment for a pre determined time period (say 10 years) or for a specific stock price of the underlying company (say $40). When the criteria has been met the preference share can be converted into "common" stock or sold back to the ( Full Answer )

Is it easy to sell your time share?

Yes, it is easy to sell your time share. If a personal ad does not find a buyer, there are several companies such as sell a time share or sell my time share now that will purchase it.

Why would you sell your time share?

A wonderful vacation timeshare can become an albatross when it comes time to pay the annual dues, you become tired of the same place, or cannot take the time to use it. It also becomes necessary to sell when your personal economy has taken a downturn, and you need to free up finances.

What is time sharing multiprocessing system?

Multiprocessor Timesharing Systems The last combination we wish to discuss is tightly-coupled software on tightly-coupled hardware. While various special-purpose machines exist in this category (such as dedicated data base machines), the most common general-purpose examples are multiprocessors that ( Full Answer )

What do time shares do?

Usually a resort type location, a time share is a piece of property that several people have partial ownership of. Every person who owns a part of that time share can use the property for purposes such as vacationing or renting it out to other travelers.

Are time shares a good thing?

Time shares can be a good thing depending on where it is located and how much money you have to invest. However, the upkeep on a timeshare can be very costly.not all people everything in tis time

What is the use of time-sharing in unix?

Time-sharing is designed so that rapid switching between tasks allows the users to believe they have sole use of a scarce resource (CPU). If there is only 1 CPU present then only 1 task can run at a time. With rapid switching it occurs so quickly that it appears as though multiple jobs (tasks) are ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between a condominium hotel and a time-share?

The difference is in the ownership of the property. Read your governing documents to determine if time-share use is permitted by owners. The definition for a hotel implies irregular lengths of stay, as does time-share. The difference is in who owns the unit. A condominium unit owner may not be abl ( Full Answer )

How does a time share work?

A time share works by you paying a percentage of a total for a house, condominium or apartment. Other people pay the rest of the percentage and you all share the property.

How can one sell their time share?

Someone can sell their time share either by word of mouth, placing fliers around the office or neighborhood, or placing an ad online or in the newspaper.

How does one sell a time share?

Timeshares are known to often be scams. If one has bought a timeshare and finds someone who would be interested in buying it, they should sell it to get rid of it as soon as possible.

Differences between client server and time sharing computer?

Time sharing computer refers to the sharing of computing resourcesamong various computers while the client server is a mainframecomputer operates in a timesharing mode to provide for the needs ofthe many users.

What is the difference between give and share?

If I give you something then it becomes your property - "I can giveyou a bar of Chocolate for your birthday". If I share something with you then it remains mine but we both useit - "I can share a bare of Chocolate with you and we both eat ittogether".