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Difference between rock band and symphony orchestra?

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Well, size is a difference. Usually rock bands have about 4-7 people, but orchestras can have over 50-100 people. Rock bands are relatively modern, orchestras have been around for hundreds of years. Rock bands usually play more modern, upbeat, and loud music. Orchestras play music that dates back 200 hundred years. It can be slow, fast, loud, quiet. Rock band's concerts are very informal. People stand up and cheer during performances. But in an orchestra concert, everyone remains seated and absoluetly silent.

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What is large ensemble in music?

Large ensembles include symphony orchestra, wind band, big band (jazz), chamber orchestra and concert orchestra.

What is the difference between a concert band and a symphony?

A symphony has strings, and much smaller wind and brass sections.

What is the difference between a symphony and a concert band?

A symphony has strings and much smaller brass and wind sections.

What does symphonie mean?

Symphonie is a German band. Symphony is a long and complex sonata for symphony orchestra

A word meaning a group of musicians?

band orchestra symphony

What ensembles can the trombone be played in?

Concert band, jazz band, marching band, symphony orchestra, brass quintet

Who was the first rock band to perform with a symphony orchestra?

im pretty sure it was metallica

What is Plural form of music?

Perhaps - symphony, orchestra, band, quartet or trumpets etc.

What is the difference between an orchestra and a band?

In an Orchestra, there are many instruments played by different individuals, and most of the time, there is no vocalist, while in a band, it's composed of fewer members and most of the time, there is a vocalist.

What is the difference between symphony orchestra and marching bands?

Since this appears to be a basic question, I will keep the answer basic. First of all, the symphony orchestra contains string instruments (violin, viola cello, string bass) and the band does not. Second, the orchestra plays while seated and the band is mobile. The marching band, opposed to the symphonic wind ensemble, traditionally employs a larger number of brass instruments (trumpet, cornet, trombone, tuba) than woodwinds (flute, clarinet). Of the woodwinds, the saxophone and piccolo are more prominently featured in the marching band than a wind ensemble, and conversely the french horn (brass) is used more often in a wind ensemble. Percussion instruments are also more prominent in a marching band than in the symphony orchestra, where they are used for delicate and/or dramatic effect as well as the color they provide.

Are the terms orchestra and symphony orchestra virtually interchangeable?

Not really... although the terms are generally used synonomously, these days. An orchestra is defined as an ensemble of different families of instruments. So, that could include concert bands, big bands and the jazz orchestra (big band, 2 horns and strings), among others. A symphony is a specific musical form, usually played by a (fairly) specific ensemble. So, the term "symphony orchestra" is literally an ensemble capable of playing that kind of piece... thus the modern symphony orchestra. Generally, the term "symphony orchestra" is more specific, when talking about the classical ensemble.

Which brass instrument is considered most versatile and is used in jazz band and marching bands and symphony orchestra?


How much isntruments dose a band need?

See the thing is, a band can have as little or as many instruments as preferred. Unless it is like a symphony orchestra when many are needed.

What is the difference between symphonic bands and symphonic orchestras?

A symphonic band hasn't got a string section where as a symphonic orchestra does.

What has the author Arthur Edward Johnstone written?

Arthur Edward Johnstone has written: 'Instruments of the modern symphony orchestra and band'

What was the first rock and roll song with an orchestra?

It may not have been the first ever, but one of the first HIT songs by a rock band backed by an orchestra was "Conquistador" by Procol Harum with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, from 1972.

What the difference between a band and an orchestra?

oh thats easy! the difference is that band has brass, woodwinds, and percussion instruments such as: trumpets, trombones, baritones, tubas, clarinets, flutes, saxophones, oboes, bells, and drums. orchestra is where you have instruments such as: violins, chelos, viola, and the base. Hope this helped! :)

Which string group carried the melody in the classical symphony orchestra?

The violin carried the melody. It was like the modern guitar in a rock band.

What band would a french horn be in?

A French horn is most likely to be found in a concert band or a brass band, although there are jazz bands with French horns. French horn is in its element, however, in a symphony orchestra.

What is a group of musicians called?

A band, group, ensemble, orchestra, trio, quartet, quintet, etcA group of musicians are usually called a band or a symphony, but it depends on the instruments and how many musicians there are.

What are the four double reed instruments in the band?

It depends on the band. I'm assuming the "Concert Band" which is usually the same as the symphony orchestra - two from the oboe family (the oboe and English horn) and two from the bassoon family (the bassoon and the contrabassoon).

What ensembles is the french horn played in?

Some common ensembles that include a french horn are Symphony Orchestra/Philharmonic Orchestra Concert Band/Wind Ensemble/Military Band Brass Quintet Woodwind Quintet Horn Choir (obviously) Jazz Band (Very Rarely) Mellephones can be used in Drum Corps Marching Band some Jazz ensembles

Why was Rhapsody in Blue such an important composition?

It was one of the first jazz compositions to be performed as an orchestral classical work. The original scoring was for dance band; it was performed by Paul Whiteman's orchestra. The piece was later rescored for symphony orchestra.

Is someone who plays in a Sinfonia orchestra more skilled than a person who plays in a philharmonic orchestra?

The names "symphony orchestra" and "philharmonic orchestra" are synonymous regarding both size of band and quality of players and music-making. The name "sinfonia" would imply that an orchestra is smaller - probably using fewer string players but this is not always the case.

Is a guitar played in an orchestra or band?

The guitar is rarely found in an orchestra or band.