Difference between single mode fiber and multimode fiber?

Single mode fibers have higher bandwidth than multimode.
Single mode fiber equipment is more expensive than the equipment for multimode.
Single mode fiber is cheaper than multimode fiber.
Multimode fibers have higher capacity and reliability over short distances than single mode.
Multimode fibers support more than one propagation mode unlike single fiber
Multimode fibers are limited by modal dispersion whereas single mode is not.

Multi-mode fiber optic cable is the earliest commercially available fiber optic cable, due to the presence of dispersion is serious, the attenuation is large, the available bandwidth is narrow, cost issues, it have exited the optical fiber network of the main battlefield platform of telecom operators . only to to retain market share at the smartbuilding fiber optic cabling. When the multi-mode fiber optic cable for video transmission, it can only meet about the farthest 3 ~ 5km transmission distance, and have great restrictions on the bandwidth of the video multiplexer(for analog modulation) and a transfer rate (for digital), which is generally suitable for short-range, small capacity, simple application occasions. Particularly greatly limited the application of non-compressed digital Optical multiplexer in the transmission distance and capacity.

Single-mode fiber optic (mainly g.652 fiber) cable has become the mainstream of current optical communication transmission due to its low prices and high performance. The endless stream of new technologies in the field of optical fiber communication, whether it is a long-range, high-capacity, or business, and both are developed for single-mode fiber.

Fiber optic cable service life of 20 years or more, than the Optical actual use cycle long. This is from the point of view of the strategic resources to consider the laying of fiber optic cable, it must take into account the future expansion, updated equipment, the number of cable cores enough, can continue to carry the new business.
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