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soapy are biodegradable and soap-less non biodegradable

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Q: Difference between soapy and soapless detergents?
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What is the freezing point for soapy water?

Its probably zero, i dont think it makes any difference just because its soapy water.

What is the pH of soapy water?

between 10 and 10.5

What do alkalis feel like between your fingers?

Alkalis feel soapy

What is the difference between a acid and a base?

Acid is sour in taste and base is bitter in taste and soapy to touch. But we should be careful and not try to taste acid or any base it may be very corrosive.

What is the difference between a soapstone and a whetstone?

A soapstone is a soft heavy compact variety of talc having a soapy feel. A whetstone is a flat stone for sharpening edged tools or knives.

Does soapy wast water effect the growth of plants?

Not exaclty, i have tried this before. I watered one with normal water and one with soapy water. The soapy watered one wasn't very effected. In fact, it is still living(: and the normal watered one is too. but there really isn't much of a difference between the two of them. So yes, soapy water does affect a plant, but a very small effect. Meaning, the plant would still live for a pretty long time, if you watered it at its regularly needed basis. :D

Does water stay on coin or spread out?

Depends soapy water makes the bond between the water particles weaker. So if you add soapy water then it won't last as long

What compounds are soapy?

Stearates have a soapy appearance.

What did soapy do to get arrested in the cop and the anthem?

soapy was not allowed

How do you say soapy in french?

Soapy (containing soap, as in soapy water) is 'savonneux' (masc.) or 'savonneuse' (fem.) in French.

How do you get dog urine stain out of a vertical blind?

Put soapy water on it. Put soapy water on it. Put soapy water on it.

How can you use the word soapy in a sentence?

Acids are soapy to touch.

Is soapy water an acid or alkaline?

Soapy water is alkaline

How do you put soapy in a sentence?

Please soak this in soapy water.

What have a slippery soapy feel?

A base has a slippery soapy feel.

Why is soapy water bad for plants?

Soapy water is not bad for your plants.

Are bases soapy?

yes, bases are soapy to touch and are corrosive in nature.

What does soapy water mean?

Soapy water is water which has soap dissolved in it.

What makes the soap feel soapy?

Actually, soap isn't "soapy" unless it has water on it. So I suppose water makes soap "soapy."

Is soapy water acidic or alkaline?

Soapy water is Alkaline =) Your welcome =P

Is soapy water an acid or a base?

Soapy water is Alkaline so it is a base.

Does salt last longer in fresh water and soapy water?

soapy water

Where was Soapy Smith born?

Soapy Smith was born in Coweta County, Georgia.

Do acids feel soapy?

No. Bases feel soapy. Though feeling either is not recommended.

Why do bases feel soapy?

They feel soapy because of the reactant has produced the soap and has left the particles in it