Differences between public relations and corporate communication?

This is Muralidharan Kuppuswami Iyer from India. Public relations is relatively a narrow one compared to Corporate Communication, which is very broad. In fact, the time has evolved to an extent that the word "public relations" is no more there at least in the corporate areana. Corporate communication encapsulates the functions of public relations. Even today, you can see a lot of Government offices and Public sector companies speaking a lot about "public relations". Mostly they serve locally. For example, if you go to universities, you will find a board hanging right under the head of a person "Public Relations Officer", where he serves the students by answering their questions and clarify doubts etc. So, you can very well assume it as a "local" flavour, an old term. The world has fast changed. The technologies are at their vibrant best. The world has shrinked so much that you can have the entire world brought right at your desktops. Thanks to internet revolution. Business is not local anymore. You find only multi national corporations, where global business is done throgh global presence. It goes without saying that these companies have to deal externally more than internally. A company might communicate with their share holders, place itself in high esteem through best branding globally and so on. Therefore, all these sorts of things necessitated for a new name, which is "corporate communication", which is of course unlike "public relations" really bigger and wider with respect to its roles they play, responsibilities they have towards different segments, the audience they address both locally and globally. Yes, it is difficult to bottle the ocean... Hope I at least broken the ice a bit! with little time I had... Regards