Holes - Novel and Movie

Differences between the holes book and the holes movie?


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  1. In the book, there are scenes that show Stanley at school the day he was arrested. These are not in the film, but in the deleted scenes.
  2. Stanley in the book is fat, but in the movie, he is skinny. However, a woman who worked on the movie explained in a special feature that this was because his weight would have to change constantly since the shooting schedule was all over the place.
  3. In the book, Stanley's father wants to find a way to recycle sneakers, and he accidently created the Sploosh, but in the film, he only experiments with how to get rid of foot odor.
  4. In the film, the roles of Mr. Sir and Mr. Pendanski slightly swap: Mr. Sir is the one who saves Stanley after he digs his first hole and expresses his concern when Stanley runs away.
  5. In the film, the contents of the chest are much higher than the book.
  6. In the book, Sam and Kate kiss in the rain outside the school and are spotted by Hattie Parker as she leaves a store. In the film, they are spotted kissing in the school house by Trout as he rides by the window on his horse.
  7. In the book, Zigzag accidently hits Stanley in the back of the head with a shovel. In a deleted scene, Squid does this.
  8. In the book, Armpit is stabbed in the stomache by the Warden with her pitchfork for going to the bathroom too much. In a deleted scene, it is Magnet who is stabbed.
  9. The film more dramatically depicits the huge hole, showing a network of tunnels. The book simply says that three holes came together until it was one.
  10. In the book, Elya Yelnats is 15, but in the film, he appears to be in his late 20's or early 30's.
  11. In the book, it is said that Elya was a friend of Madame Zeroni, but this isn't stated in the movie.
  12. Mrs. Morgeno's car in the book is a BMW, but in the film, it is a Jaguar.