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kinetic & Chemical :)

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Where does your body get the energy from?

From food that contains different forms of sugars and protein.

What is the energy in a human body?

Energy is stored as chemical energy in human body. It is consumed when required.

What are Concentrated forms of energy necessary for healthy skin and normal growth?

Adenosine triphosphate. It's the only source of energy for the human body.

How are cells different from a human body?

how are cells and human body different

Where blood forms in human body?

I think blood forms in bonemarrow.

Give the various forms types of energy for a high energy compound and list 4 specific in a bacterial cell?

ATP is the widely distributed high-energy compound within the human body.

What is the energy efficiency of human body?

Human body has a movement efficiency of 20%

What in the human body provides energy for the body?

the calories from the food and sugar provides energy for the body

What type of energy does food provide the human body?

The human body converts food energy into work, thermal energy or chemical energy that is stored in fatty tissue.

How does the human body waste energy-examples of human body wasting energy?

Respiration, i.e. movement Excreation

List the forms of energy in the human body?

-- chemical -- thermal -- gravitational potential -- spring potential -- kinetic -- electrical -- spiritual -- creative -- intellectual

What type of energy is a human?

The human body produces electrochemical, kinetic, and potential energy.

Will a human die if they do not have sugar in their body?

Yes, because sugar in several forms is a vital nutrient to the human body and it's complex processes. A number of physiological processes rely upon the different sugars.

What do carbohydrates do to help the human body?

Carbohydrates and the first source of energy for the human body.

Are energy harmful to the human body?


What does food provide the human body with?

food provides the human body with nutrients and energy. and all living things need energy.

Which gland determines the rate of which the human body uses energy?

Thyroid gland determines the rate at which human body utilizes energy.

How does the body gain kinetic energy?

By converting other forms of energy into kinetic.

What did they use energy drinks for?

To attain energy in the human body.

Is more energy required to pull or push an object?

An equal amount of energy is required. However, different muscles are used if you are referring to the human body.

How do the different forms of potential energy depend on an objects position?

Potential energy of a body with certain mass is proportional to the vertical position of the body with respect to the ground. Potential energy of the string is proportional to second degree of displacement from the point of equilibrium.

How is keratin helpful to the human body?

Keratin forms hair , skin , nails in human body . It also forms horn , hooves in cattle , all these structures are part of exoskeleton .

How is the human body energy used?

To do work ,which is the movement of your body

What you buy energy in?

You can buy energy in different forms; for example, in the form of food, four our body's energy needs; in the form of different types of fuel, such as gasoline for a car (food can be considered fuel for our body); or in the form of electrical energy, which comes to our homes.

How are the human body different to the frogs body?

The human body is bigger and the tongues are different plus a frog is little nd green

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