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The phases of moon include full moon and new moon. The waxing moon is when the moon is going from new moon to full moon. The waning moon is going from full moon to new moon. The quarters are midway between the full and new phases.

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because there are different phases of the moon

The moon has different phases because the Sun shines on it from different angles.

You get the phases of the moon from the Sun reflecting off the moon at different angles.

The moon has different phases because the Sun only reflects off of certain parts of the moon each night.

The moon has different phases that it passes through, just like we have different phases in our lifetimes.

No. ADHD is not connected with moon phases; however, behavior changes have been reported during different moon phases.

The phases are caused by the angle that the sunlight strikes the moon.

Due to the illumination of the moon at different geographical standings we see different phases of the moon. Join -The Jokey

The moon it has been told to be called the Phases of the moon instead of having different motions , as the earth spins on it axis that's what causes the phases of the moon.

The different phases of the moon are caused by the moon's 28-day lunar cycle.

there are different moon phases

the moon can be in different types of phases

we get different phases of the moon

because the Moon revolves around the Earth

There are eight different moon phases. These phases are first quarter, waxing crescent, new, waning crescent, third quarter, waning gibbous, full and waxing gibbous.

The different shapes of the moon are called phases.

The sunlight hits the moon at different angles while the moon is rotating around the Earth.

It depends on what part of the sun is shining on the moon!

the nwe moon,waning(sp?),and waxing

These shapes of the moon are called Phases

It depends, because there are different kinds of moon phases.