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The Philippines is rich in Natural Resources, such as minerals, agriculture and marine resources. It is made up of many types of bodies of water and beautiful coast lines.

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Q: Different resources of the Philippines?
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Different Philippine natural resources?

what are the different natinal resources of the philippines

Different energy resources in the Philippines?

Describe the development of various energy resources in the philippines?

Plant resources of the Philippines?

The Philippines is an incredibly biodiverse region providing a number of different natural resources. The mangrove tree is one of the largest plant resources.

Why is the Philippines lucky to have different kinds of soil?

because philippines have a many wonderful resources

What are different natural resources in Philippines?

There are so many different natural resources in Philippines. Some of them include flora, nickel, crops, silver, gold and so much more.

What are the different land resources of the Philippines?

There are a variety of land resources found in the Philippines. These resources include the Ocean, minerals, major crops (such as rice, corn, and sugarcane), as well as flora.

What are the national resources of the Philippines?

we get from the following natural resources of the Philippines

Why do Philippines have a rich natural resources?

why the philippines is considered rich in natural resources

What are the different Resources in the Philippines?

Natural ResourcesThe Philippines is rich in natural resources. It has fertile, arable lands, diverse flora and fauna, extensive coastlines, and rich mineral deposits.ADD MO KO SA FACEBOOK(kunggustomo):

What is the correct verb in the sentence the Philippines many natural resources?

have The Philippines have many natural resources.

Why is the Philippines called a unique nation?

The Philippines is a unique nation because of our natural resources, different national heritage and special our own Filipino values.

What Are The Different Resources Found in Philippines?

water, mine, and logging as s h o le s

What are the different water resources in the Philippines?

sabao ni nanay mo na iniyot ko at kinantot ko

What are the renewable energy resources in the Philippines?

The major renewable energy resources in the Philippines are: * biomass * geothermal * hydro * solar * wind

What are the physical resources of the Philippines?


What are the limited resources in the Philippines?

Capitalnatural resourcestechnologyhuman

What is the resources of the Philippines?

it can be land resources, forest resources, mineral resources, animal resources, water resources, energy resources....thats all i know =]

Why did Spain colonize the Philippines politically?

because the Philippines rich of the natural resources.

What are the economic resources of the Philippines?

The economy of the Philippines is the 40th largest in the world. One of their main economic resources is the export of semiconductors and electronic products.

Fundamental laws on natural resources in Philippines?

Executive Order No, 79 is the main law that governs natural resources in the Philippines. It provides for the use of minerals and establishes enforcement of those policies. The Philippines has an extensive list of laws governing natural resources.

How do you evaluate the Philippines economics resources?

To evaluate the Philippines economic resources you have to look at the plants that are working. The amount of money that each resource is generating is another factor that can be used for the evaluation.

What led to the European colonization of the Philippines?


What are the different energy sources found in the Philippines?

The majority of the energy sources in the Philippines are only available in small amounts. Oil, coal, and natural gas are limited resources in the Philippines, but renewable energy sources like hydropower and geothermal alternatives are abundant.

Which countries are rich in which natural resources?

Philippines is the riches country in terms of natural resources

What are the different mountains found in the Philippines?

What are the different mountains found in the Philippines?