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Different types of dentist?

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Dentistry, practice of preventing and treating of the teeth, gums, and tissues of the mouth. Dentist and dental hygienists are health care professionals trained and licensed to provide dental care. A growing number of dentists specialize in one or more particular areas of dental practice. The following are the recognized specialties by Dentistry; 1. General dentistry 2. Orthodontics 3. Pediatric dentistry 4. Public health Dentistry 5. Oral Pathology 6. Periodontics 7. Endodontics 8. Oral surgery 9. Prosthodontics

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"There are several different dentist types. There's the regular dentist that you go to for a checkup, cleaning, whatever. Then there are specialists, such as oral surgeons. " "You can become a normal dentist, but there are more specific areas such as Endodontics and Orthodontics. "

A dentist would perform dental veneers to improve the aesthetics of a tooth. Dental veneers are also used to a tooth's surface from different types of damage.

There are various types of specialties in which dentists can become experts. A specialized dentist might be a pediatric dentist or an oral and maxillofacial surgeon.

Call 1800-Dentist, that number can refer you to all types of dentist in the Bay Area that are inexpensive and let you know who will except your insurance.

A pediatric dentist differs from a regular dentist because they specialize in dentistry of children. Pediatric dentists are usually good at dealing with children and helping them to not fear dentistry.

A physician is a doctor, so basically you are asking if a dentist is a doctor. There are a few different answers to that. In a way a dentist is a type of doctor (doctor for teeth) but you could also agree that a dentist is a whole other thing. People say "Im going to the dentist" or "Im going to the doctor" so it seems as if they are two different things.

Not exactly uniforms but more smocks they all where smocks but at my dentist they where different colored smocks

A dentist can be engaged in a variety of activities dealing with the evaluation, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of different types of dental diseases. A dentist will see several patients by appointment and walk-in during a given day. These patients will often come in for a variety of different reasons dealing with the evaluation, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of different types of dental diseases. A dentist will do a deep cleaning of the teeth and gums, removing plaque, bacteria and anything stuck in between the teeth that a simple brushing and flossing cannot remove. A dentist may also check for cavities and treat them by first drilling to remove the decaying part of the tooth, then filling it with dental amalgam such as resin, porcelain or even gold. Keep in mind that dentists choose the amount of hours they want to work.

"There are numerous areas for dentist cosmetics, assuming you are asking the different areas of the mouth involved. You can have dental implants that replace missing teeth, you can have veneers placed over the teeth, or you can have your teeth whitened. This is just a sampling of the different areas for dentist cosmetics."

The different types of dentists are a General Dentist (DDS). There are Cosmetic Dentists that specializes in aesthetic dentistry. Orthodontists specializes in positioning of the teeth. Periodontists specialzies in the care of gums and tissue sorrounding the teeth.

There are 15Psychiatrist, Podiartist, Optometrist, Dentist, Urologist, Obstetrician, Pediatrician, Oncologist, Neurologist, Cardiologist, Nephrologist, Rheumatogist, Dermatologist, Endocinologist and a Gastrologist.

Each dentist may have different pricing for dentures,you will need to contact your local dentist directly.

If you do not agree with what your dentist intends to do, you are free to go to a different dentist. Perhaps you need a second opinion.

Unfortunately, the only way to get straightened teeth is to visit the dentist and get braces. If you talk to your orthodontist there are many different options of types of braces.

I would think that the two best places where you can find a dentist are:The yellow pages of your city.The internet, where you can type on a search engine: "dentist + name of your city".

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It depends upon to which dentist you are going. As, every dentist charge different as per the service offered by them.

There are many different types of careers in dentistry. Other then pursuing a career as a dentist, you can also work behind the scenes as a dental assistant, dental office manager or hygienist.

Neither is 'better'. They are different disciplines.

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