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Different types of satellite?

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1.communication satellite

2.navigational satellite satellite

4.millitary satellite

5.scientific satellite

6.satellite launches.

It composed of 6 satellites...........i answer can help you.....

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What are the different types of man-made satellites?

There are many different types of Satellite. Some them are listed below:- 1. The Military Satellite 2. Weather Satellite 3. Communication Satellite 4. Space Stations 5. Navigational Satellite 6. Astronomy Satellite 7. Earth Observation Satellite 8. Rescue Satellite 9. Resource Satellite 10. Meterological Satellite

What are the different types of neuroglia?

There are 6 different types CNS: astrocytes, microglia, ependymal, and oligodendrocytes, PNS: satellite cells, and schwann cells

What is a satellite computer?

what is a satellite computer and how is it different from normal computers what is a satellite computer and how is it different from normal computers what is a satellite computer and how is it different from normal computers what is a satellite computer and how is it different from normal computers

Different types of internet services?

There are several different types of Internet service that one may have. There is cable, DSL, satellite, and dial up are all options for Internet services.

Name the different kinds of satellite?

land satellite sea satellite communication satellite weather satellite and spy satellite

Can you listen to Sirius satellite radio stations on a XM satellite radio?

no. Different Satellite broadcasting systems

What is the difference between the Dodge Challenger and the Plymouth satellite?

Other than drivetrain similarities, they're 2 totally different types of cars

What types of energy does a satellite use?

radio waves

What are the 2 basic types of satellite images?


What are two basic types of satellite images?


Will an RCA satellite receiver work in Turkey?

Probably not. Different TV transmission standards and different satellite transmission systems.

What are the different types of broadband?

If you are referring to the kinds of connection for broadband, there are several types which all have different positives and negatives. There is Wi-Fi, cable, satellite, and mobile, as well as by ADSL. ADSL is the most popular kind as this uses a regular telephone line.

What is in a satellite?

In a SatelliteIn a satellite it is programed with:50 different languagesPictures from earthSounds from earthI hope I have helped you about satellites!

Different kind of maps?

satellite ,

An object which travels around a planet?

That object is called satellite, there are two types of satellites: natural satellite and man-made satellite, natural satellite are natural and man-made satellite are machines that observes the space, like the hubble space telescope.

What are the two basic types of satellite image?

I do not know honey.

What is the examples of satellite communication?

Many types . EX Co

What are the different types of high speed internet services that are available?

There are standard dsl and cable providers also wireless internet and the lesser used satellite internet .

Is there any way to use two different types of satellite radio in the same unit?

XM and Sirius are now the same company and they have no competition right now.

How many types of HDMI cables are there?

There are six different types of hdmi cables. There are audio/video, connectors, extenders, They set up computers to television sets, Satellite boxes, wii's and other game consules.

How was the first satellite created?

the first satellite had many different things such as wires and made of titanium

What is a different word for a planet's moon?


What are different types of internet connection?

GPON, Metro-Ethernet, Frame-relay, Cable modem, Satellite, DSL, Fixed Wireless, Mobile Wireless, and Dial-Up

What are the two main types of satellite orbits?

geostationary andGeosynchronous satellites

What a sateliite dish is for?

A Satellite Dish is used to receive and transmit signals which contains different information to or from the satellite.