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You get mew from a event... but unfortnately there aren't any at the moment. You could then load it onto a copy of Pokemon diamond/pearl/platinum and conquer sinnoh with mew.

If your playing Pokemon diamond/pearl/platinum they you could try the gts but i think you need to have seen the Pokemon unless you know anyone with a hacked one... usually the pokedex entry is added.

Also a recent way i rescerch was that you can get a mew that know's synthesis (yeah the grass type healing move) from Pokemon ranch and send it from wii to ds also you can a phoine this way as well... note you must complete Pokemon ranch before you try to get mew... there the only official ways of getting a legal mew...

otherwise you could hack one...

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Q: Different ways of getting a mew?
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Is mew in Pokemon HeartGold?

Mew cannot be caught in HeartGold. Mew cannot be caught in SoulSilver, either. The only two ways you can get Mew are by trading for it or by getting one through a Nintendo event. It will be easier if you trade for one.

Where do you catch mew on Pokemon LeafGreen?

There are only 3 ways of getting a mew. 1 cheat with an action replay. 2 mew glich in pokemon red and blue. 3 trade a cheater

Where to get a mew in heart gold?

You can obtain a Mew by getting a Mystery Gift

Can Mew really turn into a different Pokemon?

No, Mew cannot turn into different Pokemon.

How do you catch a mew in pearl?

I'm sorry, but it's not possible to catch a mew in Pearl, Diamond or Platinum. As far as I know the only ways to get one is transferring one from another game or getting one from an event.

Does mew evolve on SoulSilver?

No mew and mewtwo are two different pokemon.

Getting mew on Pokemon LeafGreen Virson without an action replay?

mew is on island 9

How do get a mew on emerald?

You get mew on faraway island by getting the Old Sea Map. Hope this helped!:)

How do you not cheat and get mew?

You can trade with other players around the world to get Mew or wait for an event to happen to get Mew that way as well. It is impossible to get Mew than those other ways without cheating.

Is there a mew Pokemon card?

yes. there are many different mew Pokemon cards. but the rarest one would be the mew star. it's a blue mew.

How do you change a mew in to a Mewtwo?

mew is a different species m8. it doesn't evolve

How do you get mew in Super Smash Bros.?

There is a 1 in a 256 chance of getting a mew from a pokeball in brawl.If found mew will scatter cd's along the arena.

How do you get a mew in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You have no way of getting it ingame. Your only option is to trade it from another game that has Mew in it.

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How do you evolve mew in Pokemon emerald?

Mew does not evolve, Mewtwo is a completely different pokemon.

Is their such thing as a mewthree?

If in Pokemon ways no. There is no such thing as a mew 3

Where do you get the ticket for mew?

By getting a pass by hacking or the event

What is the mew cheat code for FireRed?

There is none. all cheats for getting a mew are as fake as Micheal Jackson's nose

How can Pokemon mew evolve?

This is not doable. Mew is a legendary, therefore it cant evovle. Mewtwo is a different Pokemon from mew... and mewthree does not exist. -pokeman

Where do you catch mew in Pokemon SoulSilver?

I'm sorry to say, but their is no mew in soulsilver or heartgold. You can get a mew by getting POKEMON RANCHfor the Wii, you can get a mew in there, and transfer it to diamond or pearl, then trade it to soulsilver or heartgoldcerulean cave

Can you get mew with out migrating or ar in Pokemon pearl?

2 ways to get mew without migrating trade with someone else or use AR.

Can evolve mew using batteling?

mew does not evolve! Sorry! mewtwo is a totally different pokemon!

How do you get mew on your pokedex in FireRed?

There is only two ways to obtain Mew in Pokemon Fire red. 1. Use a cheatcode 2. Trade Mew from the Pokemon game called Emerald.

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