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Many animals have the same type of blood as humans. Each has three types of blood cells. The blood in animals with an open circulatory system only contains one type of blood cell. Both animal and human blood cells may have A or B antigens resulting in blood typing of A, B, AB, or O.

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What is the different of animal blood and human blood?

human are animals so how can we say that "what is the difference between animal blood and human blood?"

Is there a match of animal blood to a human blood?

No. Only humans have human blood.

How is human blood distinguised from animal blood?

human are also animals.

What is the Difference between human blood from animal blood?

It depends on what kind of animal it is. If it is an amphibian, the red blood cells will have a nucleus. Human red blood cells do not have nuclei.

What do they usually eat aside from drinking human blood?

they drink animal blood alternative to human blood

What type of test is used by serologist to determine animal or human blood?

The Precipitin test distinguishes between human and animal blood.

Stem cells in human bone marrow divide and differentiate to form various what?

blood cells

Do vampires only drink human blood?

no vampire drink human and animal blood both.

Can you turn into an animal if someone injects animal blood into your bloodstream?

No. In fact, you would get very sick. Human blood and animal blood are different. And it's bad the other way, too: if you injected human blood into an animal's bloodstream, the animal would get very sick.

Identify the animal which has blood with out pigments?


How is a animal cell compared to a human cell?

The human cells are compared to animal cells because they both work for the progress of blood and more stuff about blood.

Are there vampire bats that feed on BOTH animal and human blood?

All vampire bats feed on both human and animal blood, but they rarely feed on humans.

What is a human characteristic?

An example of a human characteristic is trustworthy.A human characteristic is something that all humans have.

What is the difference between animal blood and human blood?

There is no particular difference. The blood of each animal, including humans, will have some chemical differences from that of all other animals. The blood of a chimp is more like human blood than it is like dog blood and dog blood is more like human blood than it is like lizard or bird blood.

Can vampire drink animal blood forever?

yes, but the blood isn't as filling as human blood.

What type of food does male mosquitoes eat?

Males drink blood but not human blood. Only females drink the human blood. The males drink animal blood.

Does vampires feed only on human blood or anything else?

Mainly only human blood, I can't see a vampire draining the blood of an animal.

Can you drink animal blood?

Whether the question is " Is it safe for a human to drink animal blood? " OR you are questioning whether I can personally drink animals blood " the answer in both cases is..." yes it is safe to drink animal blood, i can drink animal blood and it makes me feel strong and healthy "

Animal that is closest in blood type to human?

i think big

Are blood cells cells you would find in the human body?

Yes. You will find an blood cell in an animal and human body only.

How come human blood is red?

It contains the molecule hemoglobin which gives blood its characteristic color. The hemoglobin contains Iron and is responsible for transporting Oxygen in the blood.

Do kangaroos have blood?

Yes. Every living animal and human has blood.yes all living mammals have blood

Who are the Cullan's from twilight?

"vegetarian" vampires who instead of feasting on human blood they eat animal blood

Has anyone been identified as a vampire?

I am... I don't drink human blood I drink animal blood.

What does Bella drink while pregnant with renesme in twilight?

She drinks animal blood out of a cup. (she doesn't drink human blood because since the Cullen are "vegetarians" they want her to drink animal blood so she wont crave so much human blood.)

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