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Typical is an expected outcome; atypical would be an unexpected outcome.

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Q: Differnece between typical and atypical
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What is the difference between atypical and typical thoracic vertebrae?

T1 T9 T10 T11 T12 are atypical each of which has different characteristics from typical

What is the difference between typical and atypical vertebra?

one is typical, one isn't...You can connect tha dots

What opposite of atypical?


Biochemical tests to differentiate between typical and atypical tuberculosis?

PCR testing should be used to distinguish between M.tuberculosis from other atypical non tuberculous mycobacteria.

What does the Greek prefix a mean in the word atypical?

In the word atypical, the prefix a means not; atypical means not typical.

What is the root word of atypical?


What is atypical antibody?

an antibody that is not typical..

How do you use atypical in a sentence?

The word "atypical" is defined as literally not typical or not usual. An example of a sentence using the word "atypical" is "His reaction to the medication is atypical."

What does atypical mean?

Atypical means "not typical", not conforming to a usual or regular type of something, or irregular.

Can you use Atypical in a sentence?

no Atypical is of course the opposite of typical. It is a word to describe when things are not normal. It is normal or typical for you or us to get up in the morning to brush our teeth and then eat. While it is atypical to do it the other way around. So an example of a sentence using atypical would be: It is atypical of her to eat before brushing her teeth. Because it is otherwise normal/typical for her to brush teeth before eating and now she is being atypical by breaking the pattern, what usually is normal for her.

What is the difference between atypical bacteria and typical bacteria?

These are characteristics of typical bacteriacell wall (has peptidoglycan)cell membraneno nuclear membranereproduce by cell fissionsusceptible to antibiotics, but not antifungal agents Atypical bacteria would deviations of that. For more information visit the Related Link.

What are the two forms of female Capillaria philippinensis?

typical and atypical

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