Digital camera samsung L200 and you lost the CD software to download your pictures to the computer can someone help you to find any website or store where you can find it?

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I lost my CD to my Samsung L200 And I really need to upload my pictures. please help
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How can one open downloaded pictures from a Sony digital camera when the computer can't find p-suite?

If the images are in a standard format (BMP, JPG, GIF) you should be able to open them with just about any image viewing program; if they're a non-stanmdard format, try using

How do you download pictures from a digital camera to a computer?

You have to take the camera cord and put it in ur camera and then in ur computer then you go to your documents and then your pictures and then u just choose the ones you want

Can you download pictures from your computer to your sony digital camera?

No reason why not - connect via USB and get the computer to treat the camera as an 'external storage device' - Then you should be able to view the camera as another disk-drive

What stores can you find dj computer software at?

If you're looking for a cheap and easy to use software, I suggest you to use Dub Turbo. Unlike other beat makers, dub turbo is easy to use, cheaper and more simple. You ca

Where can one find a Samsung digital camera for a low price?

There are several models of cameras from Samsung. After you narrow down the specific model (directions to specific websites are not allowed but it should not be hard to find!
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Where can someone find free downloadable software to edit a picture?

There are lots of places online where someone can download free software. Most computers already have a basic picture editing program installed. Some sites with offer free pro
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Where can someone find discounts on digital cameras?

If an individual is looking to purchase a new camera, the best places to start would be at discount retailers or sites. Coupons can sometimes be found for digital cameras on t
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Where can one find software to download for Samsung?

There are a few different online websites where you can find software to download for Samsung. A few of the websites include Samsung, Phoload, and CNET Download.
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Where can someone find a free download for Network Camera software?

Network camera software can be downloaded from the developer's website of the specific software solution one is interested in. It can also be downloaded from software director