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Im pretty sure they do if you want to ride on dnr trails but not on your own property or a owned piece of land and if u want to race i dont think you need 1 but we have one anyway 4 all 9 of our hondas we race

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โˆ™ 2008-11-30 16:36:22
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Q: Dirt bikes need titles?
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Do you need a license for dirt bikes?

Do you need a license for dirt bikes

Do dirt bikes need titles in North Carolina?

A title is not needed for an off-road dirt bike in North Carolina. A bill of sale is sufficient legal proof of ownership.

Do you need a license to ride dirt bikes?


Do dirt bikes need to be registered in Ohio?

In Ohio, titling for dirt bikes began in 1999. Every dirt bike must have a title and be registered according to the state's policies.

Texas laws for dirt bikes?

Most dirt bikes in Texas are not considered to be street legal. They would need to be modified to make them compliant with the law.

Do you need a license to drive a dirt bike in the streets in Vegas?

no but i think dirt bikes arent street legal

Do dirt bikes under 50cc need registration?

no you dont need registration. just get out and ride

Why do dirt bikes need wheels?

So you can go forwards and backwards. Why do cars need wheels

Are fenders interchangeable on dirt bikes?

sometimes if you need a new one try eBay of course or go to this company called UFO plastics they make new plastic for dirt bikes really cheap

Do you need a license 2 drive a dirt bike on the road?

i think u do need 1 because u wouldn't see people riding there dirt bikes on roads!!!

I have a CRF 250X that was given to me but there was no mention of a title or a need for one - Do you need a title to sell a dirt bike?

No. Dirt bikes are usually not road registered (although it can be done) so there is no need for any paperwork to sell a dirt bike.

Is wildfire a good brand of dirt bikes?

Here is a site you can find parts you need for your wildfire Dirt bikes ATVs &

Suzuki dirt bikes facts?

Heres a few facts. 1. They suck. thats all you need to know.

How much gas dose a dirt bike need?

depends on the size of the bike...... my yz 250f holds about 25l when full.... bigger bikes hold more and visaversa for smaller bikes..

What is the difference between a motorcycle and a dirt bike?

A motorcylce is a vehicle that is street legal and you can drive on public roads and high ways. A dirt bike is an off-road vehicle used for recreational purposes and/or racing. -tlb Also has the above you do get the trail bikes that have been stripped down for off road use like the old Dt's but to be sure it is not an old trail bike acting as a dirt bike, A proper dirt bike have plastic petrol tanks not metal and the frames are made out of alloy not tubular steel you would need to know this if you were racing your mates on dirt bikes as the dirt bikes can withstand the jumps as the pretend dirt bikes will do the jump bit, but on landing will do considerable damage to the frame which would make it unsafe and dangerous for you and the bike

Do dirt bikes have to be registered in Maryland?

Not unless Maryland Change the law in the past couple years. All you need is a drivers license for a car.

Do you need a drivers license to drive dirt bikes on road in the UK?

Yes. Any motorised vehicle in the United Kingdom requires a license.

Is it normal for 2-stroke dirt bikes to go dead if you dont keep on the throttle when your at idle?

No it's not...You need to adjust your idle on the carb or it may need cleaned.

Do dirt bikes have a battery?

Some do, some don't. I have one that is kick start only and one that is electric start that has a battery for the starter.

Do bmx bikes need stunt pegs?

Depends on the kind of riding you do. For dirt stunt pegs are just in the way. For grinds and flatland tricks they're required.

When can i get a dirt bike license?

you do not need a dirt bike license altho some bikes require you to be at least 16 to ride them . you must have ORV tags to ride in state or Government land designated for ORV vehicles also. Hope this helps...

Why do mountain bikes have flatter tires with a rough tread?

For better traction. Street bikes are made to ride on concrete and tarmac. Pretty much the same terrain everywhere. Mountain bikes are made to ride on dirt, mud, gravel, sticks, rocks, grass - and to get traction on those types of surfaces you need a wider, knobblier tire.

Why don't dirt jumpers have gears?

Dirt bikes gets thrown around a lot, so gears are likely to get damaged. On top of that, they're ridden on basically flat(but lumpy) ground, so you don't need gears to tackle big hills or anything.

What is the fastest race dirt bike for a 13 year old?

For a 13 year old it depends on your size and your experience with dirt bikes, but an 85 is usually the best size bike and fastest for a 13 year old. Unless you are really tall which you would need a 125.

How do you get bikes on test drive unlimited?

To get bikes you need to get all the car stores first.