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* The soil in the downstream becomes poor in quality. * Another disadvantage is is that it wastes a lot of water

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What is better hydroelectric power plant or nuclear power plant?


What is the hydroelctric power?

It's electric power made from the power generated by the current of water.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of power plant?


Disadvantages of geothermal power plant?

A geothermal power plant has a very low carbon footprint. However these types of plants are not efficient at producing energy.

Disadvantages to having a solar power plant in Florida?

It is due to Cloud cover

Advantages and disadvantages of nuclear power plant?

Advantages: Clean, lots of work done. Disadvantages: Meltdowns are catastrophic (even if uncommon). France is the leading nuclear power producer.

What are the disadvantages and advantages of nuclear energy?

A nuclear power plant needs much less fuel than a power plant that uses coal or oil. Also, nuclear power plants do not give off smoke.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of atomic power station in koodankulam?

basic imporent need is power so power plant need. it may cause harmful diseases

Advantages and disadvantages of hydroelectricity?

advantage: solar power disadvantages: hydro power

The advantages and disadvantages of Bataan nuclear power plant?

I don't know the details of this plant. However you will find a number of questions of this type in the list of answered nuclear energy questions.

What is hydrological power plant?

A hydrolic power plant is a power plant that uses water. The hydrolic power plant uses the evaporation and condensation of water to work. The largest hydrolic power plant is Itaipu power plant.

What are the power plants available in Tamil nadu?

Thermal power plant,Hydro power plant,Nuclear power plant,Diesel power plant.

What are disadvantages of budding?

Plant overpopulation

How does the power plant affect power?

The power plant produces power

What is the disadvantages of nuclear power plant in bataan?

The project was criticised for being a potential threat to public health, especially since the plant was located in an earthquake zone,[3]and because a volcano formation was found near the location of the plant.

What are the disadvantages of hydroelectric power plants?

The advantages counterbalance the disadvantages so there aren't disadvantages.

Advantages and disadvantages of coal power stations?

advantages- its clean. disadvantages- its not as vierment friendly as solar power.

What are the disadvantages of double cropping?

Some of the disadvantages of double cropping include the spread of plant diseases. A plant disease can quickly switch from one plant species to the other due to proximity.

What is a power plant called when it uses water power?

This type of plant is called a hydro power plant.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of hydropower plant?


What is the advantages and disadvantages of chemical plant?


What are the disadvantages of a thermal power plant?

it is ore costly than hydro electric plant's also causes pollution in the atmosphere because of its smoke and fuel

What are disadvantages of the use of nuclear power for energy?

Its expensive and dangerous : the plant needs to be large and complex, the waste is hard to store, it can be used as a weapon source.

What are the disadvantages of US- Uninterruptible Power Supply?

what are the disadvantages of UPS

What are the disadvantages of asexual reproduction in a plant?

A disadvantage of asexually reproduction in plant is that the clone plant take the same age of the original plant

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