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Disadvantages of general purpose

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Q: Disadvantages of special purpose application software and general application software?
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Disadvantages of general purpose software?

1.Very basic 2. can have low quality

What is general purpose application software?

A software is a set of instruction that instructs a computer to perform a specific task. There are two types of software one is customized software and other is general purpose application software. A general purpose application software is a software that is for general user and not for any specific organization.

Define and compare general purpose and special purpose application software?

By using general purpose software a user can fulfill his or her general needs By using special purpose software a user can fulfill his or her specific needs for which this special purpose software has been designed.

General purpose applications software?

Yes. There are general purpose application software and customized application software. General purpose application softwares are developed by software vendors keeping a large set of user, all around the wold, in mind. Eg: ms-word. Customized application softwares are softwares developed for a specific user according to his requirements. Eg: a personaliwed accounting system for a firm.

What does general purpose application software means?

A type of software that has a broad range of capabilities.

What is application software with small definition?

Application software is the general designation of computer programs for performing user tasks.Application software may be general purpose (word processing, web browsers, ...) or have a specific purpose (accounting, truck scheduling, ...).

Examples of general purpose application software?

word, excel, pait etc.

What are the differences between basic and specialized application software?

Basic software application is developed based on general purpose whereas specilized application software is developed based on considering special purpose. Word processor, spreadsheets, presentation graphics are some common types of the basic software application.

Why people choose general purpose application software?

I dnt kw dudes kk

Purpose of system software?

Software is an application program that serves a specific purpose. System software is the application program that can run on a system.

Distinguish special purpose application software and general application software?

Special Purpose application software is very specific in its use. Engineering programs often fall under this category - there is a program that does slope stability analysis and nothing else, for instance. Special purpose software may also be created in house and tailored to the specific needs of the company. General purpose application software is much broader in use. Word processors for example, can handle every form of writing, aside from calligraphy. Spreadsheet programs like Excel handle a significant portion of data processing problems (with databases taking the rest). In general, special purpose software is intended to perform a very specific function, while general purpose software is intended to perform a broader class of functions.

What is the different between a general-purpose application and a specialized application package?

how is general purpose application and specialized application package

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