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Disadvantages of timber?

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There are many disadvantages of timber when used for building. A few of these disadvantages include timber is easy to burn, water can absorb into the material and causing mold and rot, timber can lead to wildlife extinction and the noise level from footsteps can be audible.

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What are advantages and disadvantages of artificial seasoning of timber?

What are advantages and disadvantages of natural seasoning

What are the disadvantages of timber?

As a building material - it can burn.

What is plantation timber and what are the advantages and disadvantages of growing and using plantation grown timber?

Saves rainforests and gives wood without destroying natural mankind

Three Disadvantages of manufactured wood products over solid timber?

doesn't look as good.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of recycling timber?

Advantages:- stops wastage and unnecessary expenses such as buying new timber when re-cycled timber is just as affective- stops timber going into landfill and decomposing emitting methane gas into the environment- can be created into many products such as particle board, MDF, mulch, animal bedding and compost- an effective way of preserving the environment as it decreases the amount of timber required to be harvestedDisadvantages- can decrease in quality- whilst saving timber from being harvested, it many cases it doesn't save energy, as the process to re-use the timber uses energy e.g. turning planks of timber into mulch- sometimes larger quantities of chemicals are needed to be used to re-cycle the timber e.g. re-cycling timber in paper

What are the disadvantages of oak woods?

Oak timber has a tendency to fade in direct sunlight, and it does no stand up well to sharp objects.

What are the advantages and disadvantage of timber?

Disadvantages are bad things about an object. Advantages are good things about an object. Disadvantages are bad things about an object. Advantages are good things about an object. Um... This was great help

What are some disadvantages of New Zealand's timber and wood policy?

whats a good new zealand wood for a war axe handle

What is the collective noun for timber?

The collective noun for 'timber' is a stand of timber.

Disadvantages of newspapers?

disadvantages of newspapercosts moneywastes ink printing alot of newspaperstime wastage for job doing peopleuses fossil fuels for transferringwastesinktimberfuelmans body energy

What are the 3 main types of timber?

Hardwood Timber, Softwood Timber and Plywood

What is conversion of timber?

what is answer timber conversion

What sort of timber is used in a timber plantation?

it is timber wood aka red wood

Which tree has no timber?

All trees have timber. Timber is wood and wood comes from trees.

What is sustainable timber?

It is when timber preserves stuff. Answer: A resource (like timber) that is sustainable is one that can be renewed. You can get more timber by planting more trees.

What does conversion of timber mean?

what is timber conversion

How do you remove timber stain from timber?

sand it

What is timber in Tagalog?

timber in Tagalog - kahoy

Where is timber found?

Timber is felled wood and can be found anywhere from the forest floor to timber factories.

How can you tell a male timber wolf from a female timber wolf?

A male timber wolf has a penis

What is solid timber made from?

Timber is wood, so solid timber would just be solid wood.

What are the disadvantages of knock down fittings?

the disadvantages of knock down fittings are not that stable when you put it up against other furniture and you also dont get a good effect but when you use timber joining methods it is more quality then just using basic hand tools. MrT

Pine timber comes from where?

Pine Timber is no real

What are good names for a timber wolf Webkinz?


What is the Tagalog of timber?

Timber in tagalog is troso or kahoy.