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Discripture of a Kiwi?

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A kiwi is a fruit that is very nutritious. It is brown and furry on the outside. On the inside, it is green and soft, with tiny black seeds. Just peel the fuzzy outer layer and they are ready to eat.

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What do you call more than one kiwi bird?

'Kiwi' is the plural and the singular (there is no 's' in Maori). 'Te kiwi' means 'the kiwi' (singular), 'Nga Kiwi' means 'the kiwi' (plural) and 'he kiwi' means 'a kiwi' or 'some kiwi'.

Is Kiwi Fruit or Kiwi Fruits?

Kiwi Fruit.

How do you say 'kiwi' in Bulgarian?

kiwi... киви

What is a female kiwi called?

Any kiwi is called a kiwi.

What is kiwi in French?


Who called the kiwi kiwi?

Kiwi, the flightless bird, was named by Maori.

What plant is a kiwi?

A kiwi is a bird. A kiwi fruit grows on a vine.

What is the word kiwi when translated from English to Japanese?

"Kiwi" remains "kiwi."

What nicknames does Kiwi Langford go by?

Kiwi Langford goes by Kiwi.

Is kiwi offensive for a New Zealand?

Not offensive at all, and that's Kiwi not kiwi.Its offensive to Maori to be called kiwi.

Is the kiwi bird from Australia?

No. Kiwi are endemic to New Zealand. There are no kiwi in Australia; nor have there ever been kiwi in Australia.

What rhymes with Mimi?

meanie, see me, (lol) kiwi, .... meanie, see me, (lol) kiwi, .... meanie, see me, (lol) kiwi, .... meanie, see me, (lol) kiwi, .... meanie, see me, (lol) kiwi, .... meanie, see me, (lol) kiwi, .... meanie, see me, (lol) kiwi, ....

Which kiwi variety is the smallest?

The smallest species of kiwi is the Little Spotted Kiwi.

What is Filipino name of kiwi?

the Filipino name of kiwi is ibon ng kiwi

What does kiwi mean in spanish?


What is a popular name for a kiwi?

A kiwi!!

Is a kiwi a reptile?

No. The kiwi is a bird.

What do you do in kiwi sports?

Eat Kiwi...

Which is larger a kiwi or a kokako?

A kiwi

Is there a kiwi tomato?

'Kiwi' brand tomato sauce but no Kiwi type tomatoes on the net.

How many kiwi seeds does it take to produce a kiwi plant?

1 kiwi seed

Where are kiwi fruits found?

Most of the time, Kiwi fruits are found on kiwi trees.

Are kiwi birds marine birds?

No. Kiwi are not marine birds. Kiwi are terrestrial birds.

What is a sentence with the word kiwi?

A kiwi is a type of tropical fruit. We had kiwi fruit for dessert.

Is a Kiwi a vertebrate or invertebrate?

The kiwi is a vertebrate. The kiwi is a bird and all birds are vertebrates.

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