Discuss the methods of plane table surveying?

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What is plane surveying?

There are two general types of land surveying: plane and geodetic. Plane surveying considers the earth to be a flat surface--a plane, which works well for jobs spanning a short distance (a few miles), because calculations are relatively simple. Surveys of this nature account for much of survey wo ( Full Answer )

What is descriptive survey method?

A descriptive survey method is a kind of research whereparticipants answer the set of questions. The responses are thenstudies and explained.

What method of data input would be best for telephone survey?

It depends on your intended demographic. Some people prefer voice recognition; others like to enter using their phone keypad. If possible, provide both options. Keep in mind, though, that some people (particularly older people) will only interact with live operators.

Where do you find stadia reduction tables as used in land surveying?

One place is a section of the manual "United States Department of the Interior Bureau of Land Management STANDARD FIELD TABLES. THIS IS PUBLISHED OR WAS PUBLISHED AND FOR SALE BY THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFICE in Washington DC. Stock # 024-011-00030-5 Catalog # 153.10:956

What are the advantages of tacheometry as a method of detail surveying?

There are many advantages to using tachometry as a method of detailsurveying. They include that a tachometer is easier to use inlocations where chaining is difficult, and it is an easier way tomeasure when accuracy is not particularly important, saving timeand money.

Discuss Advantages of regular attitude survey to monitor employee job satisfaction?

Advantages of Survey . it help to facilitating development and organizational change . allows the organization to focus on needs and authority its strengths . informs the organization on which actions will create problems for the employees . provides management with employee feedback (both po ( Full Answer )

What is a round table discussion?

An open discussion where everybody is on an equal footing. Nobody is at the head of the table; you're all peers. The implication is that everyone has an equal voice and that you can speak your mind freely on the subject.

What is the survey method?

A method in which uses interviews and questionnaires to collect information from large numbers of people.

Discuss methods for handling deadlocks?

ignore the problem altogether ie. ostrich algorithm it may occur very infrequently, cost of detection/prevention etc may not be worth it. . detection and recovery . avoidance by careful resource allocation . prevention by structurally negating one of the four necessary conditions. Deadlock P ( Full Answer )

Survey method of psychology?

Survey is a method of scientific investigation in which a large sample of people answer questions about their attitudes or behavior.

What are the purpose of discussion method?

A discussion can serve a variety of purposes.One of its purposes isto review and extend what students have learned in order to ensuretheir mastery of a subject!!

Disadvantages of discussion method?

Disadvantages of a discussion method: . Time consuming . presence of a teacher at all times . easy to deviate from the topic . can dominate by any member . This method cannot be used for teaching small children. . it cannot be used to teach all topics

How can you discuss and describe the methods of preventing floods?

There are ways to help prevent flooding. Natural vegetation, such as trees and plants, help prevent runoff. In areas where vegetation has been removed by logging or construction, it must be replaced, by a method known as reforestation. This is important in the headwater parts of a river's drainage b ( Full Answer )

What is normative method survey?

This is concerned with looking into the commonality of some elements. Best used with status study.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the survey method and test marketing?

is someone not doing their homework? I'll give it a shot: The advantages to the survey method are that you appeal to a larger audience. More people are willing to sit down and discuss their opinions rather than going through an actual testing demonstration. The disadvantage to this is that you ha ( Full Answer )

What Is Discussion In the scientific method?

The discussion is where you put your findings into context - what does this mean? What questions have been answered? What new questions have been suggested by the data? What limitations or issues are there with the data? This is where you zoom back out to where you were with the introduction section ( Full Answer )

What does Survey method mean?

Survey method is the method in which you try to collect information by going through the knowledge of individual persons or by asking them

Discuss and describe the methods of preventing floods?

Reforestation is especially important in the headwater parts of a river's drainage basin. To help control flooding near a river's mouth, spillways are used.These are channels that run through the back swamps parallel to the main stream.

What is plane table survey?

plane table surveying is a graphically method because filed observations and plotting are done simultaneously.it's most suitable for small mapping

Discuss methods of communication in management?

how to discuss different communication methods well, I'm looking for the same answer and cant find it anywhere, any help would be great thanks, this is the question worth 8 marks; Karen has been asked to manage an international project for her company based in London. They want her to create a prese ( Full Answer )

What is Plain table surveying?

it is a type of surveying in which we can plot the area in the field rapidly.we can also find our error in the field and solve it.

How To determine the elevation by single plane method?

first we should select a position of the theodolite and initial adjustments are to be carried out then take back sight from the BM and then focus on the top of the object which we determine the elevation and take the vertical angle in both vernier scales. after that take back sight to line of orien ( Full Answer )

What is the Survey method of research in psychology?

A survey is a data collection tool used to gather information about individuals. Surveys are commonly used in psychology research to collect self-report data from study participants. A survey may focus on factual information about individuals, or it may aim to collect the opinions of the survey take ( Full Answer )

An analytical statement or survey of the main ideas to be discussed in a paper is called a?

Thesis statement. In a written work primarily in a 'paper' or rather essay, the thesis statement is a sentence found in the introductory or first paragraph of the essay in question. The thesis statement serves to give the reader an idea of the content of the essay, the viewpoint of the author, the b ( Full Answer )

What is the Definition of normative method of survey?

Normative method of survey involves using practices that pertain tothe surveyed group. The researcher should already know what thesepractices and the probable reactions are before they survey theindividuals.

What are the four advantages of plane table survey over chain and compass survey?

1.useful in areas which are difficult to be accesed while chain survey is limited 2.less subjective to errors,in comparison to chain survey which subjected with errors such as change in chain length 3.useful in surveying a large area since it uses transverse(taking bearing from observer to an object ( Full Answer )

What are ethical issues when using survey method for research?

There are no ethical concerns unless its causing hindrance or not sanctioned by the party which is being surveyed. The only ethical issues are compliance with the policy of the organization and consent of the parties involved while conducting the questionnaire based research. One can hire contro ( Full Answer )

What are the method of Borehole survey?

Not 100% sure on the question whether it means surveying an existing borehole or assessing the viability of drilling a new one. If it's surveying an existing borehole for problems etc that is usually done via CCTV where a camera is lowered into the well. If it's assessing the viability of drilling ( Full Answer )

What accessories are used in plane table surveying?

1. plane table 2. alidade (strong ruler made of wood or metal) 3. trough compass ( normal compass with rectangular box instead of circular one) 4. spirit level 5. chain or tape 6. plumb bob with fork 7. ranging rods 8. paper, pencil, assistant, etc...

What is the difference between random and stratified sample in the survey method?

The main difference is that the way of selecting a sample Random sample purely on randomly selected sample,in random sample every objective has a an equal chance to get into sample but it may follow heterogeneous,to over come this problem we can use stratified Random Sample Here the difference is t ( Full Answer )

Can you get practical answers by using survey method?

You can get practical answers by using survey methods. For example, politicians use surveys to see if their policies are working and to see if the public approves of their actions.