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Not so curly, but definitely wavy = Jasmine from Aladdin. Curly and black and cool = Esmeralda from Hunchback of Notre Dame.

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I am white if I have curly hair are my decendents black?

No it doesn't necessarily mean that you came from a black background. White people have wavy/curly hair too. If you were Asian then there could be black history because curly hair is not a natural occurance there.

Is Andy sixxs hair naturally straight or curly?

his hair is naturally (slightly) curly, he had black hair also (naturally)

What do the allie finkle characters look like?

Allie Finkle has light brown hair. Erica is blonde and has brown-green eyes. Caroline is an asian with long black hair. Sophie has dark brown curly hair. Rosemary has asian eyes but dark brown curly hair. There you have it, my friend.

She has curly hair or she have curly hair?

She has curly hair is correct.

Is hair diameter vary by color?

blonde hair is thinner than dark hair 2nd Answer: Yes. Blonde hair is indeed the thinnest hair. Curly black hair is the thickest, curly red hair is not quite as thick, and brown and brunette hair are in between blond and curly redhead.

Is curly hair hereditary?

Curly hair is hereditary. Children will get curly hair if they have parents with curly hair or if it runs in their families in grandparents.

Why is black hair thicker?

Most black people have thick black, curly hair. It is just part of their DNA. Most other races don't have that kind on black hair.

Why do you have curly hair?

You have curly hair because of your genes. Not your jeans, your genes. Does curly hair run in your family? If so, it's not unusual for you to have curly hair.

Can a black girl get curly hair like a white girl?

Of course! Depending on your hair overcourse! Black girls often have curly hair so you should just get a really good hairdresser or even hire a family one.

Why do you have curly blonde hair?

The same reason you have brown/black/blonde/orange hair. Genetics.

Did Georgia O'Keeffe have curly hair?

No she had long straight dark-brown almost black hair

Why do black womens hair curly and not straight?

Depends on the type of hair sacs, follicles a person has. SOme produce round strands, whic gives straight hairs. Others give flattened stradns, which come out curly. For some reason, black skin tends to equal curly hair.

What is a fresian?

It is a black horse that is about 15 hands tall at the withers. They have curly black hair and fetlock.

If you have curly hair does that mean you have curly pubic hair?

no you could straight them even they are curly but i want them curly.

What does it mean to have curly hair?

It means your hair is curly.

Whats goin to happen if you have curly hair and you get a curly perm?

I think if you aready have curly hair, what is the point to perming it curly? But if you have to because your hair is a curly mess then it will problemby just stay curly.

How do you make your hair naturally curly?

Well... If you were not born with naturally curly hair, You will never have naturally curly hair.

What are three traits of Jesse in Tuck Everlasting?

long hair, black hair, curly hair, green eyes, tall

Why do African people have curly hair?

Originating in Africa, "black hair" hair is tightly woven to protect their scalp from the sun.

What is Oprah Winfrey's hair color?

Oprah Winfrey's hair color is black, she usually has it curly also...

What is Jackson rathbone's hair color?

Dark brown kinda black lookin and his hair is naturally curly

How can you make natural hair curly?

You cant get your hair naturally curly if you don't have naturally curly hair. However; if you do have naturally curly hair you can define your curls with a leave in conditioner.

Do yorkies have striaght hair or curly hair?

do yorkies have straight or curly hair

Can you grow curly hair if you have straight hair?

you CAN NOT grow curly hair if you have strait hair

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