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The independent variable is the value being manipulated or changed, while the dependent variable is the observed result of the independent variable being manipulated. "IF" you change the independent variable, "THEN" what happens to the dependent variable?

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An independent variable is the variable that changes in a experiment. And a dependent variable is the variable that changes as a result of a of the independent variable.

The Independent Variable is the variable being manipulated. The dependent variable is what your trying to get a conclusion of.

the dependent variable changes with the independent variable. the independent variable only changes when changed by the experimenter. Time is usually an independent variable.

Depends on the relationship between the independent and dependent variables.

In an experiment, the independent and dependent variables are very closely related. The independent variable is the element that is manipulated, and the dependent variable changes depending on what is done to the independent variable.

independent variable is the one you control. the dependent variable depends on the indepdendent variable (the results). on the graph independent in on the bottom and dependent is on the side

An independent variable is the variable you can change in an experiment. On a graph, it's on the X-axis. A dependent variable is the result of changing the independent variable. It is literally dependent on it. The dependent variable goes on the Y-axis.

A dependent variable is a variable dependent on the independent variable. A control variable is something you want to try to keep the same. A dependent variable is something you measure. An independent variable is something you change.

Dependent variable is your data, independent variable is what you are testing. Ex. Sunlight would be the independent variable and a plants growth would be the dependent variable.

An independent variable is a variable which stands independent and is unaffected by other variables. A dependent variable is a variable which is a response to the independent variable, and is usually the factor that is being tested in an experiment.

The independent variable is the variable that is manipulated. This affects the dependent variable and the results of the experiment.

It depends on the relationship, if any, between the independent and dependent variables.

A dependent variable depends on the other factors while an independent variable does not depend on the other factors.

The independent variable may - or may not - affect the dependent variable. But the dependent doe not affect the independent.

In an experiment the independent is the stimulus, the thing controlled or applied by the experimenter. The dependent variable is the response, the reaction to the independent variable.

A dependent variable can vary as the experiment goes on. The independent will not change during the experiment.

They are respectively the ones you control (independent) and the ones you mesure (dependent).

Independent Variable: interleukin and fatigue Dependent Variable: the relationship -----inferential statistics

The independent variable is the variable being manipulated in the experiment in order to show the effect on the dependent variable. It is also called the experimental variable.The dependent variable is the variable being observed in the experiment. Changes in the dependent variable as a result of changes in the independent variable are observed, which is the purpose of the experiment. Dependent variable is also called the response variable.

An independent variable can be any of a given set of values while a dependent variable is represented as a function of another variable.

The independent variable determines the value of other variables and is change by the person doing the experiment. The dependent variable is what is affected by the independent variable; it "depends" on the independent variable.

The factors that distort the way the independent variable affects the dependent variable are referred to as the double-blinds. The factors try to explore the relationship between the dependent and independent variables.

The scientist wants to design an experiment that will demonstrate the effect of the independent variable on the dependent variable. This idea is to show causality between the two.

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