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insecta have two body parts while arachnida have three body parts.

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Q: Distinguish between class insecta and class arachnida?
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Do arthropods belong to the class insecta?

Arthropods are a phylum, a higher level containingclasses. Classes within Arthropoda are Insecta, yes, and also Arachnida, Crustacea and others.

Are arachnida reptiles?

Arachnida are in the class Arachnida themselves, not in reptilia.

Are Scorpions insects?

No, Scorpions are:-* Kingdom: Animalia * Phylum: Arthropoda * Subphylum: Chelicerata * Class: Arachnida * Subclass: Dromopoda * Order: Scorpiones Thus they are in the Class Arachnidia (like spiders) NOT in the class Insecta

What class do arthropods belong to?

Arthropods are a phylum, that's a higher level containingclasses. The classes in the phylum Arthropoda are Insecta, Arachnida, Crustacea and a few others.

What are the characteristics of class insecta?

the major and distinguish characteristics of class insecta are:their body consists of three regionsheadthoraxabdomen2. second thorax has definite three segments while abdomen has varying number of segments

What is the scientific name for arthropods?

Arthropoda is the scientific name for the phylum containing arthropods. Insects are in the class Insecta, spiders are in the class Arachnida. (To be clear both are in different sub-phylums; Mandibulata and Chelicerata, respectively. While Insecta is also in a super-class, Hexapoda, under the sub-phylum Mandibulata. Crustacea are also Cheliceratas.)

What class do bugs belong in?

Insects ARE a class, Insecta.(Kingdom Animalia, Phylum Arthropoda, Subphylum Hexapoda.) Spiders, also Arthropods, are in the class Arachnida, are readily differentiated from insects by virtue of having eight legs to the insects' six.

What is the class of a butterfly?

Class: Insecta

What class are grasshoppers in?

Insecta class

What class is a locust in?

class insecta

What class is wasp in?

the class is insecta

What is the similarity between complete and incomplete metamorphosis?

insect in the same class Insecta.

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