Distinguish between data and information?

data is a contrast is a collection of facts ,figures and observation or events ,resresented in the form of symbols such as digits,alphabets, pictures and so on .it is a basic raw material in the process of the generation of information. it is a stream of raw facts representing events occuring in an organisation before they have been organised and arranged in a form that people can understand and use

.it can be collected from internal sources as well as external sources.

data is like raw materials have been processed in a systematic way.

information: information is data that has been put into meaningful and

useful context. it is a set of facts , which reduces uncertainty and makes more sense to the user than just plain data information has value in decision- making while data does not have such meaning within a specific context. according to the classic information systems definition,information is knowledge drived from data .in this a clear distinction is the amount of uncertainty that is reduced when a data recieved.davis olson have suggested the following definition of information ."information is data that has been processed into the form that is meaningful to the recipient and is having real perceived value in current or prospective decision". information consists of data that has been retrieved , processed and which can used for the informative purposes for forecasting or decision-making.