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The ability of each individual to produce.

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Under Socialism who controls production?

Under socialism, society controls the means of production.

When was The Soul of Man under Socialism created?

The Soul of Man under Socialism was created in 1891.

Who determines production and distribution under socialism?

What and how much will be produced?How will it be produced?For whom will it be produced?A socialist system is a form of command economy in which prices and production are set by the state.

What countries have all communism capitalism and socialism?

Which countries that are under communism , socialism and capitalism

Under socialism who determines the use of resources?

The Government.

Sweden operates under a form of?

Democratic Socialism ;)

What was promoted under Stalin?

Socialism, Atheism, Communism.

What is Communism and Socialism What are the major differences between them?

Socialism is a less restrictive form of Communism. While socialism is communist based, it can fall under various forms of fascism. In fact, Hitler's original party was based on National Socialism.

What kind of government was under Adolf Hitler?

National Socialism

What are Socialism rights?

In a classless Socialist world, everyone has the right to a free life and access to what has been produced. Nobody would be hungry or homeless or have to choose between eating and heating.

What has the author Dorothy J Solinger written?

Dorothy J. Solinger has written: 'Chinese business under socialism' -- subject(s): Commercial policy, Socialism 'China's transition from socialism' -- subject(s): Economic policy, Socialism, Central planning

What is the role of government under socialism and communism?

If you mean who has the power, in communism there is a dictator, and in socialism it is a representative democracy, just like in most countries.

Where is the PDC located on a 1999 300m?

The power distribution center is the fuse box under the hood.The power distribution center is the fuse box under the hood.

How was Gender equality under socialism in Romania achieved?

This was provided by law.

Gender equality under socialism in Romania?

Decreased in all sectors

The total area under a normal distribution is infinite?

The total area under a normal distribution is not infinite. The total area under a normal distribution is a continuous value between any 2 given values. The function of a normal distribution is actually defined such that it must have a fixed value. For the "standard normal distribution" where μ=0 and σ=1, the area under the curve is equal to 1.

Socialism is often criticized for?

burying individual initiative under layers of bureaucracy.

Which of the following would be seen under the implementation of practical socialism?

World War I

How did command economy under Stalin differ from a capitalist economy?

A command economy is a system where the government controls economic activity and the production and distribution of goods. In a capitalist economy, such things are determined by market forces.

What rights do people have in socialism government?

Socialism= big government. With too much government, your rights aren't protected. It's risky to live under socialism because socialist governments believe they're entitled to your work and your property.

The distribution of sample means is not always a normal distribution Under what circumstances will the distribution of sample means not be normal?

The distribution of sample means will not be normal if the number of samples does not reach 30.

What is sampling distribution?

Theoretically, it is the distribution of a statistic based on all possible samples of a given size. In practice, it may be the distribution under repeated samples.

Gender equality under socialism you Romania?

Total equality, females were extremely favored

What has the author August Bebel written?

August Bebel has written: 'Woman under socialism'

Is it true or false that Socialism gives the government more control than communism.?

False, communism when actually employed in government is much more controlling than standard socialism. Communism is an extreme version of socialism. Under communism, private ownership, private property & business ownership is forbidden. Fascism is a less extreme version of socialism. Under Fascism, business & property ownership is allowed but controlled & directed by the government.