Eastern Orthodoxy

Diya on orthodox church what do you mine?

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There is an Orthodox Church and a Catholic Church. There is no Catholic Orthodox Church.

Eastern Orthodox Church (or the Christian Orthodox Church).

No, the Greek Orthodox church is a part of the Eastern Orthodox Churches.

The Greek Orthodox Church is one of the 12 different Churches that make up the larger, Orthodox Church.

Catholics will say that the Orthodox church split from the Catholic Church. Orthodox will say that the Catholic Church split from the Orthodox church. But yes, the two churches did split from one another.

The Orthodox Church of Greece (Eastern Orthodox Church).

There were two main churches: Roman Catholic and Orthodox. - UPDATE - Actually there were three main churches at the time, the Roman Catholic Church, Eastern Orthodox Church and Oriental Orthodox Church. The Oriental Orthodox Church was the first church to break away from the Orthodox Church (Eastern Orthodox Church) in 451AD followed by the Roman Catholic Church in 1054AD.

No, but they have an Ecumenical Patriarch (head of the Orthodox Church).

Its a faith (church). Bulgarians follow Orthodox church

Yes. In order to get married in The Orthodox Church, you must be a baptized Orthodox Christian.

The Ecumenical Patriarch is the head of the Eastern Orthodox Church

The Romanian Orthodox Church mainly follows the liturgical practice of the Greek Orthodox Church, rather than the Russian Orthodox Church, such as the use of the new calendar.

The Orthodox Church was founded by the apostles of Jesus Christ. Prior to the Great Schism in 1054, which separated the West from the rest of the church, the Orthodox Church was the only Christian church.

Abkhazian Orthodox Church was created in 2009.

Anglican Orthodox Church was created in 2001.

African Orthodox Church was created in 1921.

Orthodox Church in America was created in 1924.

The population of Orthodox Church in America is 22,619.

The population of Orthodox Church in America is 1,000,000.

Japanese Orthodox Church was created in 1886.

Lutheran Orthodox Church was created in 2004.

Polish Orthodox Church was created in 1924.

Orthodox Church of France was created in 1936.

Celtic Orthodox Church was created in 1866.

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