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As nobody has answered yet I shall, I think they do demonstrate inequality, they are born with special privileges, this really seems unacceptable in the 21st century. I personally think they took over hundreds of years ago and if anyone disagreed with them they chopped off their heads, and they have been in place (spinning us this lie like a bully) every since, why has nobody questioned this!? Surely am not the only one who thinks what they represent is unacceptable, they are not elected, not accountable, that's not fair. We teach our children if you do bad you don't get the good things in life, yet this doesn't apply to them. Yes they do charity work, but they are paid too, we give them money and they give some away (slow hand clap). Sorry but in my opinion these have to go or at least have a King or Queen that we have voted for, whose worked for their wealth.

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Chris P. Bacon
2021-01-12 19:27:37

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the UK royal family is also the royal family of Australia

Because you have to have someone to look after the nation

The UK is run by the royal family. The current monarch is Queen Elizabeth the 2nd

Their government, as their are a democracy, similar to the UK, Singapore however, does not have a royal family

There is no other country in the world that can match the UK for pageantry.

Windsor. The UK Royal Family adopted the name Windsor by a royal proclamation of George V in 1917

Queen Elizabeth II's 53-year-old cousin, Lord Ivar Mountbatten, was the first member of the British royal family to come out as gay.

The royal wedding guests are traditionally crowned heads (who are distantly related to the royal family), other UK royals and dignitaries, religious leaders, and close friends of the family.

No, they were pretty rich long before India came into the picture.

In various ways: Your Royal Highness (eg in UK senior members of the royal family) Prince (eg in UK junior members of royalty.....after her divorce Dianna was NOT called Royal Highness) Serene Highness (eg Monaco, Liechtenstein) Imperial Highness (eg Japan)

There is no town in the UK called Sanding. You may be referring to the famous Sandringham which is often associated with the royal family. This is based in Norfolk in the UK.

The British line of succession goes out to 1898 places, if all members of the British Royal Family (those living in the UK and known to the public as "the Royal family") The crown would pass to the King of Norway, the 68th person in the line of succession and first person living outside of the UK if all 1898 persons in the line were dead its likely the UK would become a Republic, though a member of the House of Lords might be elected by that body to the monarchy

Prince Michael, a member of the UK royal family, has homes in several locations, including London.

No, the Royals usually live in Palaces or Stately homes in the UK. There are none in Blackpool.

Royal Life Saving Society UK was created in 1891.

Mountbatten-Windsor That's the royal family of the UK, of course. There are several other countries with monarchies and royal families. The 'Mountbatten' usually gets dropped in general use, so it's just 'Windsor'. Also babin... I just found the family crest of the babins and the origianl name was Babyn from babylon....yeah.

- Those that do not have UK citizenship - Prisoners - Royal Family - Under 18s - Possibly the homeless?

If the current Queen of the UK died along with all male members of the Royal family. Princess Beatrice of York (5th in line to the British crown) would become Queen.

They cannot make any decisions on how the UK is run. Although new laws have to be signed by the queen (Royal Assent) this is just a formality.

Most of the varieties of swan in the UK are protected species. The mute swan however, is owned by the crown and it is only legal for someone in the royal family to eat or serve them.

Royal London Hospital is biggest hospital in UK.

im not positive but like 90-200? something like that Queen Elizabeth 2 and all the most important members of the UK's Royal Family all live in the UK

The United Kingdom secret service stores the medical information of it's political leaders and royal family. The United Kingdom secret service keeps the health of their leaders and Royal Family very private, as well as the health of their secret service members.

The Consumer Protection Act of 1987 was approved by the royal family of England through royal assent and was published on October 1, 1987. The act made important changes to UK consumer laws.

Each individual country has there own Prime Ministers and they all run the UK simultaneously. The royal family is more of a pretty face up front.

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