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Q: Do you know the advantages of alkaline batteries?
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Are batteries acidic or alkaline?

There are acidic batteries and alkaline batteries. For example, car batteries are acidic and pen torch batteries are alkaline.

How does the type of battery affect how long it will last?

The two common types of batteries are alkaline batteries and non-alkaline batteries. Various experiments have proven that alkaline batteries last longer than non-alkaline batteries.

What last the longest alkaline or regular batteries?

Alkaline batteries last longer than carbon-zinc batteries

Can alkaline batteries be used in digital Cameras?

I use alkaline batteries in my Olympus 2009 camera.

Can alkaline batteries be recharged?


Can you charge alkaline batteries?

Regular Alkaline batteries are not designed to be charged. Charging of these batteries can be possible but this process is dangerous and may cause the batteries to explode or leak.

Why alkaline batteries last longer than non alkaline batteries?

Alkaline dry cells last longer because NH4Cl, an acid found in non-alkaline, is replaced with KOH or NaOH, a base found in alkaline. The Zinc in an alkaline dry cell batteries tends to corrode less in basic conditions.

What are alkaline batteries made out of?


What are the advantages of nickel cadmium alkaline wet cell batteries over sealed lead acid dry cell batteries?

Please see this link:

Why are AA AAA C D and 9V batteries called alkaline batteries?

Because there the chemical inside the battery is alkaline!

What are the benefits of using a NiMh battery instead of an alkaline battery?

NiMh batteries perform better in high discharge devices (like digital cameras) than alkaline batteries. They are also rechargeable, unlike alkaline batteries.

Are alkaline batteries really poisonous?

Alkaline batteries are extremely poisonous.You should keep them away from kids and pets.When they're done you should dispose of them properly.It's illegal to put them in your trash. ya alkaline batteries are poisonous because the cells of the alkaline batteries are highly poisoned codes answer by www, To get more information on laptop batteries visit here

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