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Q: Do you know what are the things to keep in mind, while having Electral ORS powder?
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What are the side effects of Electral powder that we have to keep in mind?

Different humans have human bodies, so yes three are chances that you may not find the same results of powder on your body as anyone else. Electral powder ingredients may be allergic to you and if you will feel any unwanted reactions in your body. Such as the following:- โ€ข Pain in the abdomen โ€ข Pain in the chest โ€ข Problem while breathing โ€ข Allergic reactions on the skin such as rashes and redness โ€ข Loose motions Kindly consult a gastroenterologist immediately. To know more details about Electral please visit at electral dot co dot in/products

What are the top most common signs of dehydration in kids and infants?

If anyone is going through any circumstances such as dehydration or diarrhea at that Emergency time you have to consult your doctor immediately but for the time being, Electral Powder is the most suitable thing in an emergency to have because It contains sodium chloride, potassium chloride, and anhydrous dextrose commonly called as glucose. means the salts maintain the electrolyte level in the body, while potassium chloride and glucose help in restoring energy and protecting from heat strokes. for more details about Electral ORS Powder please log on to

Can you replace baking powder with flour?

No. Baking powder and flour are two different things. Baking powder is a rising agent while flour is milled wheat or some other grain.

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Where you do crazy perverted things while having sex.

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It wont hurt to have them done but i suggest that in the process of having them put on you wear a mask because of the powder in the air.

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Take it if you want to make things worse.

What is the difference between a dry chemical powder and a dry powder extinguisher?

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