Do you like Gothic kilts

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Q: Do you like Gothic kilts
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Do Irish wear kilts now?

No. While kilts can occasionally be seen in Ireland, like in pipe bands, it is something associated with Scotland, not Ireland.

What kind of music do goth people like?

Gothic music

Where are kilts worn?

Kilts are mainly worn in Scotland. Men of Scottish descent often wear kilts to their wedding.

When was Short Kilts created?

Short Kilts was created on 1924-08-03.

How do you spell kilts?

That is the correct spelling of the clothing item kilts, notably worn in Scotland.

Do Scotsmen wear kilts during war?

Yes, many Scottish regiments wear kilts at all times. I battle, naturally, they wear khaki kilts.

What are the famous clothing in Scotland?

Kilts are the famous traditional clothing in Scotland The Utility Kilt is offering wide range of original modern to traditional kilts.

What are better kilts or pants?

Kilts are much better and preferable in many perspectives. See their blog: theutilitykilt dot com

Do all kilts need to be plaid?

no but cute kilts are plaid i hope you fin a cute unplaid one but i guess you will. Traditionally kilts are of a tartan (plaid) pattern, but they need not be.

What kinds of clothing do liechtenstein people wear?

scottish kilts and stuff like that that they wear in switzerland

What do Indian kilts look like?

They look very different from the ones we have now. But they have some similarities.

Why do people like the story line of Gothic fiction?

The same people who like horror movies and stories also like gothic stories - they like being scared and spooked.

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